What Sort of Web Apps/Stacks Would You Like To See?


(Lawrence Diggs) #62

It might. Where can I see more examples of how it is used? But looking closer, is i just a “skin” for Google?

(Lawrence Diggs) #63

I would also like to see and on line test where the answers are revealed after the guest takes a shot at it? Preferably this would allow for revealing documentation for the correct answers.

(CaFra Arabians) #64

I would love to have a non cms blog stack.
I really don’t want or need cms, wo why should i pay for it?
In the moment i integrate the blog plugin via pluskit in a stacks page, but so i loose the opportunity to select for year/month or cathegories.
Alternative a stack, that serves all needs to fully integrate a blog plugin page, could be very interesting.

(Paul Russam) #65

Joe Workman’s Tumblr stack will give you a 1 stack blogging solution, get a free Tumblr account and you can create blog posts from any device and it’ll appear on your site.
Here’s it in action http://www.ec-yp.eu/blog/

(John Higgins) #66

I would love a sweet of stacks that would provide a secure login area which would allow me to place security levels on pages or content.

StackApps does this at the moment but is not developed or supported.



(Paul Russam) #67

Joe Workman’s PageSafe does exactly that

(John Higgins) #68

I want something that will run from a MySQL db though so that I can easily work with it using PHP etc.

(Paul Russam) #69

Maybe Siteloc then:

(Claude Fitzback) #70

Hi Gary,

I would use a lot a stacks or something else that would provide an easy way to build a 2 languages site in 1 RW project.
Easy way foe «Menu», «Text», «SEO( like sitemap plus) etc.

I know Tsooj Media have a stack call «Multi Lingual (RWML)» but it is not very accurate…

Thank you

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #71

@Barbara Where should the blog content be stored if not in a CMS system?

(John Higgins) #72

That would work but would be good if there was suite of stacks that did the job - just putting it out there as the question was asked.

(Gary) #73

A blog, by nature has to store things (posts, pictures, music or other files) those things are called “Content” a CMS is just a way to “Manage” that content.

Even the built in blog for RW creates a basic CMS on your server to store all of the posts and create archives and categories.

It sounds like you are looking for a blog type stack that function similarly to the RW Blog page so you don’t have to use Pulse, RWWriter, or others.

If that is the case then I know many have tried (including myself) and have moderate success but not really something that you’d want to take to market.

In Stacks, each new post would eaither require:

  1. A new stack being added to the page or
  2. A new sub page being added as a child to the parent Stacks page

In scenario 1, your stacks page can grow really large really fast and slows to a crawl and will make adding new content a real pain in the backside.
In scenario 2, you have a HUGE RW project that eventually takes over your computer and then your house. :wink:

Maybe, at some point in the future, Realmac will re-write their blog engine or someone else will develop a really cool alternative blogging plugin.

What would be really cool would be if @isaiah (Yourhead) developed a blogging plugin that also accepted Stacks … how cool would it be to have a blog page where you could make use of all the stacks already available? … That would be pretty awesome!

(Gary) #74

This would be pretty helpful to a lot of people. Unfortunately, it is not really in my wheelhouse. But maybe some of the other developers will respond with a product.

Thank you for mentioning it.

(Gary) #75

I think I know what you are after … I will see if I can add it to my list of projects.
Sounds like fun.

(Stuart) #76

Hi Gary,
I have been using RW periodically since version 3, only as a drag and drop user, as opposed to a user with knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP and other acronyms I know of, without knowing really what they are,what they do, or how to work with them, so a stack to serve these purposes would be easier than learning code.

Here is my wish list for useful stacks:

1A. SCROLLING TEXT and IMAGES - (also inside of an image container)
I’m looking for a stack that can display scrolling text and images, similar to how movie credits scroll at the end of a film?
I have a previous (and more detailed) RW forum request of this located at this link:

As someone who’s site visitors are mainly film professionals, I’d love to display my extensive client list in this manner. There were suggestions using code, but I’d rather use a stack for this.

I also want to separately display client logos inside of an ‘image container’ or stack. A specific example is if I were to have four ‘containers’ on a ‘Clients and Credits’ page, consisting of:
A- A standard Stack ‘container/stack’ that would have scrolling text listing clients in a simple framed stack.
B- A photo image of a movie theater screen (with small silhouetted audience heads) displaying studio logos scrolling on the theater screen.
C- A photo image ‘container/stack’ of a TV set, displaying TV network clients, as well as product logos from commercial clients, McDonalds, Apple, etc., scrolling on the TV screen.
D- An image ‘container/stack’ of a live theater stage, displaying images and PR materials (posters, logos, stills, etc.) of plays, musicals, concerts, etc. scrolling on the stage.

I see a few header and background video players that auto play on a computer, though only a static JPEG image appears on my iPad and iPhone. Is there a way to have a video auto-play on portable devices?

Similar to the above question, I love using the parallax effect on websites. I’ve seen the effect used on my iPad and iPhone, though none of the websites were created with RW. Is there a method of having it work on portable devices?

Thank you for reaching out to the RW community seeking our requests.

(CaFra Arabians) #77

Thanks Paul.

I know the tumblr stack well. But it can not give the full power of tumblr i.e. an other blog. For example the “click here to continue” function is not available as well as the possibility to select year/month or cathegorie.

(CaFra Arabians) #78

Where ist the content of the blog plugin stored?
I think in the rapid weaver project :smirk:

(CaFra Arabians) #79

Thank you Gary,

you exactly hit the nail on it’s head.

The blog plugin by RW was allways suffient for me.

I am using foundation for some time now as my preferred theme and for this reason the blog plugin page of RW is not really available to me anymore. I can display these pages via pluskit, but the funtionality is limited to “show all content of all years and all cathegories” or “show all content of the last xxx blog entries”.

The two tumblr stacks i tried have a very limited fundtionallity too.

And yes, your are completly right - a blogging plugin that acceptes stacks would be GREAT!

(Steven Harte) #80

A blogging system that has the ability to be highly customized. Not a full blown CMS, just a blogging “stack” system that can be tweaked. Hopefully with a robust commenting ability not tied to Disqus or Facebook, even if it needed to have a database set up for it. Wordpress has all this baked into it that is enviable.

So maybe this is like Goldilocks finding an appropriate bed. Armadillo is great but with little customization (unless you change a lot of CSS). Joe Workman’s Total CMS is great but $99 per site? Can’t afford that, sorry. A $100 blogging stack suite for a blogging system for all my sites, I would choose for my bed.

Maybe it’s already out there, haven’t found it.

(Markus Frieauff ) #81