What Sort of Web Apps/Stacks Would You Like To See?


(R L) #82

A new version of StackApps would be awesome. I don’t know if Helmuth has time for it? If we go by his site, apparently, he hasn’t worked on it since June 2014 :sob:.

Somebody save these wonderful web app creating stacks!

(Tony Hall) #83

Stacks that could connect to Airtable bases to bring in database records and display in lists that aren’t like a spreadsheet would have many useful applications. Such a stack should work exactly like the excellent Kuler MySQL stacks but connect to Airtable records. This would allow clients to easily update their data using Airtable’s web or app(mac, ipad, iphone) interfaces and then have their websites update.

Airtable has a generous free tier and reasonable pricing. Their app interfaces are nice and overall it’s an easy to use database system. http://airtable.com

(Kenneth McBride) #84

I’ve recently returned to WP/squarespace…etc , at least of a way of ‘re-seeing’ what’s possible, and the thing that gets my attention is the sheer amount of addons on offer. Of course RW has many but as the original post alludes to they are not always compatible. so yes, why isn’t there a choice of shopping templates, payments, and so on that really do reflect the changing nature of online transactions? Apps? RW could (fairly) easily transition/compliment a RW apps version… Deep and meaningful CMS is everything, for me at least for me…


And I do believe that RW has to open its accessibility up more - i.e. not tied to one machine/place.

(Gary) #85

@Tony808 - AirTable looks pretty aweseome! …
I will definitely be looking into building a stack around this … Thnx for the suggestion!

(Dick Sijtsma) #86

Here are my suggestions:

  1. A stack to add the functionality of the OneSignal tool to your webpage (https://onesignal.com/). They do have a Wordpress plugin. Maybe there is a way to ‘stackify’ that.

  2. A stack that creates a quick navigation on a page. In the stack setting you can choose which headings on the page (h1, h2, h3, …) end up in the webpage for quicknavigation. Adding the stack to, for example, the top of the page, gives you a quick navigation on that very same page. It creates all the correct anchors. This gives you the option to share specific parts of your webpage on social media platforms, and it also adds to the usability of the page itself too. A little bit of styling settings in the stack and you’re good to go!


Hi Fitz,

RWML and other stack development has been slow here due to private challenges but I am back on the development track so would like to know what is not very accurate in your vision so we can have a look at further improving RWML.


(Claude Fitzback) #88

Hi Joost, (Sorry for my English)

I am very happy to know that you come back in down!!!.. RW town!

It’s been a long time that I tested stacks (RWML) with 2-3 other people in the Forum, but from what I remember me,
I had difficulty understanding how to integrate the plugin “Sitemap” and SEO stuff for each language.

But if you wish, as here in Quebec we have to do sites in French and in English, I can make test again and make you
recommendations for a new update, especially since I work with RW now for 7 years, I gained a lot more expereince.

Let me know if you wish me to invest the time, I’d love to help you develop (set of stack) for those who need
producing sites in two or more languages.



Thanks Fitz, I’ll PM you for some more information

(John Higgins) #90

I would love an animated button like this one on the Stripe website.

(Lisa Sandler) #91

A PDF or similar… can be jpgs… spread flip stack that is responsive. Can’t find one anywhere. I am a photographer and I want to show layouts of photo albums flipping pages like a book. Have options for auto and also let the user turn the pages. I want flat pages with no page curl, because the albums I print are rigid pages.

Ooh. And exporting RW pages as pdfs would be awesome… directly from the app instead of viewing the published page online.

Thanks :slight_smile:


(Oliver) #92

As long as their is no such stack available you might be interested in the ‘Next Flipbook Maker’.

The basic version is also available as a part of the ‘Create Your Holiday Bundle’ at bundlehunt.com :wink:

(Rob Beattie) #93

@AngusMacPheep has loads of animated buttons rather like this. I’m sure he’ll enlighten us as to whether that exact thing is in the arsenal.

(Lisa Sandler) #94

I just need something simple. No interest in paying that much for something that does too many things and is not RW native, but thanks.

(Oliver) #95

I just noticed that there actually is a stack which is able to do that :sweat_smile:

Its the Booklit Stack by 1LD :grinning:

(Lisa Sandler) #96

hmm. I’ll have to check it out, thanks. The FAQ link is a 404 though…

(Marc) #97

This was something I would like:

a Stack that can play an audio file when hovered above.
I would like to play/trigger an audio file when a button or link is hovered upon.
Here would be an example done with Flash: http://www.karlfrierson.com

Thanks for any input!

(David Gibbins) #98

I would like a Rapidweaver stack for Tumult Hype
Currently this is the only was
and its problematic

(Mark Baker) #99

Im always on the look out for a way to capture data from visitors, so I can build a good database of names to mail to. Would be useful for me and some clients.

(...) #100

Yes please!

Had to add something to meet the 20 character requirement. All I wanted to say was Yes Please!

(Menno) #101

By capturing, as I understand it, you want to harvest data.
If you mean otherwise, it’s my lack of correctly interpreting the English language (which is not my native language).
While I can understand the wish to be able to use such a feature, as a site visitor I’m strongly against it.
I’m PO by people sending me mail without my explicit permission.

Just my €0.02