What Sort of Web Apps/Stacks Would You Like To See?


(Jason Bostick) #102

Do you mean other than pop-up, ‘subscribe to my newsletter’ kind of things? Joe has a Call To Action stack that allows you to prompt users for their info in different scenarios (page scroll, intent to exit, etc). I think there might be a couple of other similar stacks but CTA is what came to mind.

(Mark Baker) #103

Thanks jabostick I’ll take a look.

(Mark Baker) #104

You’re right, it can be annoying to get lots of emails from companies. However from a business marketing point of view it would be good to get information from visitors so I know exactly who is visiting my site. I can then contact them and ask them if they want more information, if I can add them to a mailing list etc etc. If they don’t want to, thats fine, at least they have the option.

(Keith Flanagan ) #105

I second Square integration. I know that the developers for RapidCartPro were working on integrating the API from Squareup into that ecommerce plugin but it has been several months since I have heard anything else on it.

(Michael Frankland) #106

Think @MultiThemes has some cool Tumult Hype stuff :slight_smile:

(Michelangelo) #107

…thanks @yuzool

I made this example ( and also HypeDocks :sunglasses: ). In my opinion the external embedding is the best solution, without adding contents in the resources area. in this way you can update the animation without further work on RW.

in this example I used two stacks with an iframe.
Probably the best solution is an generic iframe with responsive behavior, with variable height but you need to set the same height in the Hype Animation (made with multiple layouts). The current version of Hype works only with fixed height for each layout.

(Nick) #108

I know this may not be possible just as a stack, but I’d love to see a decent markdown editor built-in. E.g., something like how Ulysses looks, with syntax highlighting and pretty-printing:

(Michael Kane) #109

It would be nice to see a theme or stack that could handle the sale of:


…or even Pinterest-type random items.

As far as I know, you have to use Wordpress and Themeforest themes for these.

Also, how about a multi-topic bulletin board, a la Craigslist?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #110

For a theme, use any of the blank themes out there [Foundation, Bootsnap, Pure, UI-Kit, Foundry or Free-Stacks) and make the design how you like it.

For the selling, there are stacks like RapidCart, Payloom or Paysnap (others too, one by Yuzool I think). There are also cart systems out there, Cartloom and Ecwid.

If you want something wordpress like, take a look at the blog function of Total CMS. People have easily integrated Cartloom into it I know. It has a cards blog type thing you can see here:

As far as something like Craigslist, only one thing, Mootable stack by Stacks4Stacks

(Rob Hall) #111

Hi Rob,

If I understand your request correctly, Both !LD’s Formula & Stacks4Stacks’ CalcStack can do what you want — You didn’t get around to reviewing them yet??


(Michael Kane) #112

I’d like to avoid having to re-invent the wheel.
There is no bookstore/record/music/misc.Pinterest theme for websites.
Sure, I can build one. I have one and it’s well, amateurish.
I look on theme forest and I see all different kinds.
But nothing for Rapidweaver. Zip.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #113

Some developers will do customized work and one of them might do that for you.

(Keith Flanagan ) #114

I would love a cart that will allow Square as a payment processor. RapidCart Pro had promised this several months ago but never delivered. I use Square in person and it makes sense to have only one payment processor for record keeping etc.

(Jason Bostick) #115

I think ECWID lets you do this. I’ve only ever tried a very simple store but it integrates very nicely into RW so far.

(Keith Flanagan ) #116

Only offered on the $69.00 per month plan. That is a non-starter.

(Jason Bostick) #117

Yikes, didn’t notice it was only for that plan.

(Gavin Dudeney) #118

I’d also like Square support, to be honest - it’s my backup processor for those having trouble with PayPal payments. We take Square payments over the phone and it works well - decent rate, too. We also do bank transfers, but our primary method is PayPal.

I wanted to use Cartloom - loved the look, design, functionality, invoicing and the app, and was ready to pay for it - but I take payments in GBP and EUR via PayPal and they only support one currency at a time.

(Scott Frankel) #119

Hi Gavin,
I am also looking for a payment method such as Cartloom or RapidCart Pro which supports multiple currencies. I want to take online in AUD, GBP, Euro etc and would love to find some stack or plugin that can work with multiple currencies.
Please let me know if you find anything.
Cheers Scott

(Michael Kane) #120

A stack that would let you create ePub documents.

(Michael Kane) #121

There still is no stack that does this. I had to go to Wordpress for a solution.