What's the best alternative to replace symMedia5 plugin?

Since the developer let go of RW development back when I was heavily working on my site in 2012. I am revamping those pages yay used that plugin. Is Vimeo or You Tube all that’s available any more? Or has someone else developed a better plugin lately?

J Ernest Clausen III

I believe Kevin left RapidWeaver about 2013. I don’t think he made his add-ons available elsewhere. It was a rather sudden departure.

The archive of his old website I have here suggests that symMedia5 was a page type plugin for RapidWeaver 6. One which could construct a simple gallery of HTML5 video, YouTube and Vimeo clips. There was a website called supportcasts.com that created some video tutorials for these plugins.

Nowadays, most RapidWeaver addon development has gravitated towards Stacks, because @isaiah provides a far superior API and Stacks is quintessentially the most widely used page type for RapidWeaver.

So it may be better to get a copy of Stacks. Then search the RapidWeaver Community website and use your favourite search engine to look for available video stacks. There are dozens of free and paid stacks that support HTML5 video, YouTube, and Vimeo, and more. Both free and paid. So it should be feasible to recreate a suitable video player.

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An embedded solution with a theme is my goal. I am working with a Multitools theme currently, Landers Pro. Maybe Joe Workmans’ Toolbox has a solution.

Thanks Wil,l I remember your early contributions to this Community as a developer.

One Little Designer’s Simple Videos has my attention as a result.

Thanks, again

Long time ago I also used the sumMedia5 Plugin. So I had the same problem. Now I use the YouPlay stack from Rapid Ideas. Not sure if they are still around but the stack works perfect. If your videos are on YouTube or Vimeo.

See the plugin in action on https://johnny13.nl


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