When i load up the page it goes blank with local host error


Sorry for a bit of a idiot here, but i have a small issue.

I publish the page as per normal but then when I load it up on the browser it says:

'safari can’t open the page “http:localhost/” because the page can not be found"

I have no idea what is going on - any ideas?
Here is a link to it:

Did the page publish previously? I can see the main URL but just the daisy page is throwing up the problem

Something odd here - all your other pages are in the format /index.php/pagename which is not the usual way of doing things. The daisy page you are giving does not follow index.php but if you insert index.php it shows OK.

Can you show a screengrab of the Inspector / General settings? so we can see the folder and file names you have set. Should look something like the screengrab attached. seems to me you might have the filename and folder the wrong way round on some pages. The screenshot shows a cruftless links approach - doesn’t have to be like like this but I’d be interested to see what you have.

Hey, I have managed to get it working, basically i was saving it to my server - but rapidweaver thought it was going to another website which was causing a conflict.

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