Where is the setting for bread crumbs in RW8

I can’t find the setting for breadcrumbs in RW8. Found it once and now I’m crashing every time I publish. I would like to turn it off to see if that makes my issue go away.

Found it! Sorry for the bother. Didn’t fix my problem though :confused:

So what is your problem? :wink:

crashing on publish. I can publish a single page at a time.

anybody know if plus kit still is an option with RW8 also sitemap+


took out plus kit, sitemap plus reinstalled theme and was able to publish

I’ve tested both PlusKit and SiteMap with RapidWeaver 8. But you will definitely have to use the latest versions of both. If you don’t have the latest versions you can grab them from our site if you want to keep using those plugins: http://yourhead.com

Direct download links too:
Sitemap download: http://yourhead.com/sitemap/download
PlusKit page: http://yourhead.com/pluskit/download


Thanks! They seem to be the same, but installed again. I will give them a try as I love both of these products!

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If you do discover any problems, let me know – or send me a project file that shows off the problem (doesn’t have to be your big project – just a page or two that shows the problem in action). If I can see a problem happening in my debugger with your project file then I’ll be able to fix it. :smiley:


Where should I send the file?

When you do share a file, please take the time to remove references to custom themes, extra plugins, etc – just show me the problem if you can – nothing extra. That way I can’t help but look right at the thing that you’re trying to show me. :face_with_monocle:

Then zip the file by right-clicking on it and choosing “Compress ”. This will ensure the file comes through the transfer process without modifications.

Well, you can send it in all sorts of ways. :slight_smile:

  • Right here
    If you just want to dump a simple file on me, you can save it to dropbox (or any other similar file-sharing service – there are a bajillion) and post the dropbox share link right here on the forum.

  • Email
    If you don’t really want to share the file with everyone here publicly, you can send it to the YourHead support email. Our email support is kind of backed up at the moment after the release, but the file will get to me eventually – a day or two tops. http://yourhead.com/support

  • Slack
    If you want to chat with me about this in a more private and real-time way I have a Slack channel – it makes it easy to send “direct messages” and share files by just dragging and dropping. Go to http://slack.yourhead.com and sign in. It’s open to anyone. I try to pop in online there a few times a day at all hours – so even if we don’t share a timezone – I’m sure I’ll be on at some point when you’re awake. :smiley:

  • More?
    We’re also on Twitter, links on our website, and probably a few other ways too. :slight_smile: Honestly, I’m happy to take the file any way you decide to send it. I try to open to all ways because this sort of thing is so helpful for us when we’re fixing bugs.

Here you go. Thanks

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