Where should Themes be in Mac OS 12.01?

Just bought a new MacBook Pro, running Maverick, OS 12.01. And RapidWeaver 8.9.3

I’ve migrated all my files over from my old laptop … but some of my RapidWeaver files are only on my Mac Pro tower, which I primarily used for RW work. So I need to move them to the new laptop.

I’m able to open most of my RW8 projects on the new MacBook … But there are a few that indicate a missing theme.

So, I’ve located them on the old machine, and made copies to put them on the new laptop.

QUESTION: Where should RW themes, theme styles, plugins and other files BE in OS 12.01?

If I use “Reveal Addons Folder” in a working RW8 project, it takes me to:

– Library/Group Containers/ P97H7FTHWN.com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/ Library/Application Support/Addons and then I see a folder of themes.

That string of letters/numbers before the com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver folder concerns me …

Is this really where the files should be?

There are also folders titled P97H7FTHWN.com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver7 and P97H7FTHWN.com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8 … with some, but not all the themes in them.

I ALSO find I have RW files in:

Library / Containers / RapidWeaver / Data / Library / Application Support / Rapidweaver /

AND in:

Library / Application Support / RapidWeaver

Can someone help me sort out just WHERE all the Themes should be? Seems to me they should all be in one place?

Hi just double-click on the themes and RW does the rest.
RW has a location for the ‘standard’ themes and a location for changed and bought themes.
greetings dirk

Thanks. But not sure what you mean by “double-click on the themes.”

I have a number of themes from my old computer I need to install on my new computer. I have those themes on my new desktop. Are you saying I can just doubleclick on them on the desktop and they will go where they need to go?

Sorry to be dense…

It is usually better to drag an add-on or theme onto the RW icon in case you have multiple versions of RW installed so it gets put it the correct place.

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Ok. So I drag and drop them on the RW app icon, and that does it?

Yes, that is the preferred method which has been mentioned in many posts here on the Forum.

Having said that, it may be easier to create a new folder like “RW Addons” and change the Add-Ons location in RW8 to that new folder. You may have to re-install some items, or just drag them into that folder, but it may ultimately be less confusing.

You can of course check and see if re-installed themes that you have added via dragging onto the RW8 icon have gone to that correct Themes folder when viewed in “Reveal Addons Folder”

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