Which Stack - Is best with Vogager

I am considering using a stack with the Voyager theme that ships with Rapid Weaver 7, however I have been encounter a lot of bad experiences with the third party plugins/stacks in the past and wonder:

( 1) where any one can recommend a stack that works with this theme that will allow formatting of headers and HTML etc.

(2) Does any know of a product that allows Stylised Text to be converted to mark down. My site was built in markdown but to improve search results need to be in a format where H1 to H3 tags can be used. I am new to markdown and have not mastered formatting in it yet.

(3) Has anyone found out how to use the inspect this image function in Rapid Weaver 7.2, as I cannot follow this on the SEO fundamentals tutorial

First, if you want to learn Markdown, go here:
or do a search for Markdown Cheat Sheets. Lots of examples come up.

Second there is a Markdown stack that comes with the Stacks Plugin.

Third, H1 to H3 tags are easy. In fact, here is how you do H tags in Markdown

# H1 Tag
## H2 Tag
### H3 Tag
#### H4 Tag
##### H5 Tag
###### H6 Tag

This should answer your first two questions, not sure on your third.


Just to follow up on what @zeebe wrote. In the cases of both stylized text and markdown: both get converted to HTML when published. So H1, H2, etc. tags are auto-created.

โ€ฆ of course if you choose not to use headers in markdown thatโ€™s a whole other matter.

I also have no idea what your 3rd question is. Not everyone has watched the SEO tutorial you write about so it would be useful to provide more detail.

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