Which stacks are used in a project?

That is so strange. Not sure why MacOS is doing that. But as long as you know where it is, that is all that counts!

I updated it so that it opens the text file after you run it. Download it again…

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New version did open stacks.txt, but it was empty.

Big Sur (11.3), RW 8.8.3, Stacks preferences per Joe’s post, above.

My test with the Stacks Meta Tags turned on unfortunately did not work either. I got the same results:

1 Column Foundation
Font Styles
Grummage Proportional 1 Column Foundation
Site Styles
Top Bar

This was still with the original version. I will update and try it again.

This one works with a published page. Nicely formatted report.

You do need to do a page at a time.

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That one did work pretty well when i tried it.

The updated version did open the text file after running it, but I had the same results. Maybe it just doesn’t like Foundry projects? :wink:

I should try it on a Foundation project and see how that goes.

If you send me an export of a project I can test it on my Mac. It really should not matter what stacks you are using. It does nothing special for my things. All stacks work the same as long as you have the meta tags enabled in the Stacks prefs.

Thanks, I sent the file to you.
Btw, I don’t have a need for it at the moment, just was curious to see how it worked.

I figured it out. It was spaces in the folder names. I never ever use spaces in my folder names. Just an habit. I fixed that. You can download it again… Stacks.txt Reporter

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Ok thanks - but I guess you mean the local export folder name? Since in the project itself the folder names do not have spaces.

Yes. It works in the project that you sent me now with the latest version. Here is the stacks.txt file from that export… stacks.txt • Droplr

Yeah, that one worked perfectly, and in a matter of seconds. The previous version took about 30-45min. And the report is in the local export folder now.

A great tool to have on hand! Thanks and Chapeau!

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@joeworkman thank You a lot for upgrading the tool. It is really useful.

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