Why are my questions being deemed spam?

I’m confused that my requests for help have been considered spam? How am I to illustrate my requests for help if the community can’t view the problems themselves? Along with my questions I will link to the site I’m having problems with - is there someone out there who is a bit trigger happy with the flagging?



No, the Spam flagging is automatic. As a new user, your posting of links immediately after joining will trigger the Spam filter.


ok - how long before I get privileges - it seems a bit odd that I can’t point the community in the direction of my problems, and I’m not even a new user - my old account seemingly ‘disappeared’.

We require all users to re-register for the new forum system as a spam-prevention mechanism. Sorry! As you post, visit the site and interact with the forum more privileges will be enabled.


Thanks Nik, I’ll certainly be using the forum more.