Windows hosting? of linux hosting

i have 2 awesome Rapidweaver sites, but need a new hosting service.

Is there a preferred hosting type to chose? which is best for rapidweaver: windows hosting? of linux hosting
i am quite good with rapidweaver but witch such things i am not certain. logicaly i would say i have to chose Linux hosting.
please advise.

@barchard ( Greg, who runs ) provides excellent service for RW users. I’ve hosted with him for 7 years now, I think.


As Lisa so kindly mentioned, I’m more than happy to help. I use Linux for its speed, compatibility and reliability. It’s really the best choice for hosting.

If you’re looking to move or get started, please let me know. I’m happy to help!



Or Unix of any kind is the only way to go.

RealMac recommends A2 hosting:

I use Dreamhost:

The biggest drawback with windows hosting is that it lacks the tools that frequently get discussed here (eg. .htaccess)

Would recommend Linux every time for speed and compatibility. We do unlimited space/bandwidth hosting with Free SSL which is 100% RW compatible and super fast, all SSD storage and auto-scaling, check out Contact me direct for a RW user discount.

Not sure why @ujwala’s post got flagged, looks like many other posts of someone recommending a host. I have also seen other posts were people talk badly about hosts, so this one is weird…

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