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Is there a stack available that would allow me to paragraph indent or let text wrap around a picture for instance?
I have not being able to find anything other then one would have to code something like that. I would prefer the easy way as I’m not a coder.

Also, how does one stops a PDF from being downloadable.

Thanks for your input

Rob (Dutch)

Scribe (which is a super-easy MarkDown stack allows floating images.

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@Dutch First, I would encourage you NOT to try to mimic what a regular word processor can do. The web is different. That said, what does come closest is what @peterdanckwerts suggests: the Scribe stack. You can learn more here: https://demo.bigwhiteduck.com/scribe/

Scribe is a nifty stack. But it requires that you learn how to write using markdown (a very simplified way to write HTML). This is a good thing! Markdown is wonderful and it will likely only take you 30 to 60 minutes to learn it. But there is some small adaptation/learning on your part.

As for the PDF … I’m not fully understanding the situation. Basically if something can be seen on a web page it can be downloaded. That’s the simple answer. So the real choices are:

  1. can I make it harder for someone to download? (answer: yes)
  2. can I hide the PDF from people except under special circumstances (answer: yes)

What is confusing me a bit in your question is in regards to how are you using the PDF? Are you using it somewhat like an image on a page? Embedded on a page? Something else? Tell us a bit more, or show us a bit more (URL link), and we can help you out.

Hi Mathew,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The site isn’t live yet so I can’t send you a URL. The PDF is an essay my wife has written, she’s a writer. I have it in resources in Rapidweaver and as per every PDF it is downloadable on trying the site out in Safari. I just wondered if there was a stack that would prevent it from doing that. I am aware that folk can just take screen shots and lift it that way.

William Woodgate has already send me some pointers to a few stack which I will try out including one that he made called “sentry.stack”. in which parts of a website can be passworded. I’ll have a lash with that and report back.

Cheers for now

Rob (Dutch)

Sentry is a really nice stack(s). I’m using it more and more. Mate it with Will’s free Query Display stack and you have a powerful and extremely versatile & adaptable “members” system.

Also, 2nd vote for Scribe. It has a brilliant floating image child stack which will do exactly what you want. As commented above you will need to get your head around markdown, but it’s very easy to understand and once you know it, you’ll never use a regular text stack again.

Thanks TemplateRepo. Thanks all of you, I now have some material to get going with.


Rob (Dutch)

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