XXL Theme not creating menu link correctly

Using Classic 9.2
IOS 14.4

Change a website to use the XXL theme. The menu links are not being created correctly. For example: if I click the About menu item it links to the home page. The “About” is not appended to the main URL to go to that directory/index page. Entering the URL for the linked page goes to the correct webpage, so I know the pages work. The website being created is MacLeran.com.

You are using a free trial version of the XXL theme, as clearly stated in your website footer. If you like the theme and you want that credit and the demo restrictions removed, you need to buy a copy of the theme from me.

If you have previously bought a copy of the XXL theme from me, please use the link in the E-Junkie / FatFreeCart email to download the full version of the theme licensed in your name. If you have lost the email or the link has expired, I can resend it if you email me your receipt.

Install that full version of the theme following the instructions I wrote here:

That will ensure the full version of the theme replaces the free trial version. Then simply do a full republish of the website, and everything will work correctly for you with no credits shown in your footer.

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Of course not, that’s your invoice for the ‘Switcher’ stack and therefore has nothing to do with the XXL theme.

The Email I received from William Woodgate mentioned “e-junkie”, so that is why I had the question. Your arrogance is not appreciated.