Yuzool - Box Stack

I just bought the Box 3 stack - but cannot figure out how to get the layout of thumbnails for which I bought the stack (see attached image).

What have I missed? I’d hate to think Yuzool sell both a ‘Box’ and ‘Box 3’ stack…

ALSO - the Box 3 stack does not provide an image title when you hover, now when the image blows up. This defeats the entire purpose of the stack for me, as I am using this for clients to select from a colour swatch.

AND, I’ve tried to create a duplicate Box on the page, and it behaves completely differently. Although it is a Copy/Paste of the one above, the size of the items stays at 350px, not 90px per the first. What the…?

(disregard the poor formatting of the temporary page, otherwise)

Thanks in advance!

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