Yuzool Themes - anyone have big love for this developer too?

(Doug Bennett) #21

I find the issue isn’t really not being able to problem solve, or skill of the end user. RapidWeaver after all is for beginners and experience users. It’s the attitude and tone of the Original Post.

New less experienced users should feel free to post problems, questions and issues on this forum, there’s lots of more experienced users that’ll help out.

Just don’t title your post like this post, or be ranting on about “lacking support”. Just ask nicely, state the problem you’re having and chances are you’ll have folks jump in (like on this post) and get things going.

(Twitchin Kitten) #22

Thank you Michael. I’m sure you’ve gotten my flood of emails then as well? If so, would that break of the jquery cause the other things to go wonky as well? Or does everything else seem ok presuming you looked?

Klaatu - sorry for not replying yet but I’m not home the last couple days and I won’t t be able to get to it fo another day or so. I’m replying from my phone because you seem a little upset that you’ve helped and had not heard back yet. Apologies. I’m just without access to my iMac to try out all the suggestions and I do appreciate all you’ve done.

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Sorry for my attitude! Maybe it’s because I had asked for help over 10 times and go nowhere a little frustration set in. I threw out no insults and there is nothing here I wouldn’t say to Michael’s face. Don t be so quick to judge.

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Thank you. And yeah - I did not see the explicit info about the way currency had to be listed. I changed it because on a mobile device it looked cluttered because it all ran into each other her. And since I don’t know :poop: from shinola about coding there is no way I would have caught that.

(James Bond) #25

You don’t need to know how to code, just read, the tutorial docs. Or do as I did, practice some super simple problem solving. If you had just added a new Item stack to the page and tried it, you would have seen everything was working, from there to fixing the issue it was just a small step.

(Twitchin Kitten) #26

It never would even occur to me that changing the letters for a dollar sign would do that. Not in a million years. Nothing in the documents says it has to be letters and never substitute for symbols either. So I was thinking along the lines of how it looks on the page to the end user. There was no need to tell me how I lack simple problem solving skills when I did exactly what klaatu suggested and used a new theme and full upload only to have the same result. AGAIN - never in a million years would I guess it was substituting a dollar symbol instead of numbers which most likely goes back to my lack of coding knowledge.

I certainly could have done without the berating from everyone.

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Fine, than we are able to close this thread now and continue, correct?

(Twitchin Kitten) #28

absolutely. I haven’t tried the solutions above as I just got home but I’ll figure it out.

(klaatu) #29

No, you don’t get off that lightly. Coding knowledge doesn’t come into any of this. That’s why you are using RW and Stacks.

The problem I have with you is that your posts were rude and inflammatory while showing that you had actually done squat to try anything constructive yourself,

You were frustrated? That doesn’t make lashing out ok, your not 9 years old, are you?

Have everything set as per your instructions

Oh, did you? You were also deceptive.

What you were wailing about -not getting “support” is not what you needed. That’s not support, that’s holding your hand through a mistake you made compounded by deceptive information twisted into a shape designed to support your victim narrative.

You are everything that’s wrong with the newbie RW user who spends $40 on a stack then expects the dev to change their diapers every time they make a mess.

Carry on like this and more and more devs will just give up.

(Twitchin Kitten) #30

Of course you got a red flag. You were being honest. If you went on the hate train against me then your post would have been allowed.

(Twitchin Kitten) #31

The problem with the written word is that you cannot hear the persons inflections when they “speak”. But hey, if it makes you feel good to rag on me, fine. you win

(Pete Schuder) #32

Please close this thread, nothing worth viewing anymore and no need for negative posts. This forum is one of the best around.

(James Bond) #33

Pete, do you often butt into other peoples conversations and tell them to stop talking?

With respect, who or what gives you the right to dictate the discussion terms here? Yes, Twitchenkitten is getting a bit of a roasting, but they are holding their own and responding, likewise no one is being childish or calling names, we are all just expressing opinions. And of course helping to fix the actual problem.

So you personally don’t feel there is anything further to be gained from reading this discussion? Fine, cease reading it, but please don’t dictate terms to the rest of us. When the protagonists in this thread feel it’s gone far enough they themselves can ask for it to be closed. This job does not fall to you.

(Pete Schuder) #34

I have been on this forum for many years and have enjoyed the support of the group and how well the forum runs. When someone comes on and displays an attitude I do think it may need to be calmed down. We have enough of a lack of civility over on this side of the waters every day. I guess that has made me a bit touchy about being polite and civil when dealing with others. Thanks for expressing your opinion. I will be sure to “mind my own business” from now on.

(Dan) #35

Closing this topic as it’s getting out of hand.

Please remember to post with kindness.

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