Yuzool's Navigation Stack - updated (THANKS!)

Absolutely @Mathew ! It should be working now.

Comes through Stacks updates:

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I never get yuzool updates showing up in RW. I am a bundle customer though so wonder if that is why. @yuzool can you explain? I always need to go in via my dashboard to download updates. What happens when I am no longer a bundle customer? How will I get my updates then?

Another great update though @yuzool!!


Great update for a great stack but I can not get the latest version, I received an email with this update but it shows, always; This addon is older than the one installed. Also, these updates are not showing in my RW.

Thank you


It’s a few hours later … and Nav 1.2 definitely not coming through via Stack updating so far.

… but I do see the link provided via direct email! Many thanks. But still weird about the non-within-stacks updating.


Likewise for me. I was able to update through the direct email.

Just a quick note of thanks to Michael for listening to our needs and desires, and then quickly updating the stack! There are very few developers who roll out so many updates, so quickly. If I’m not mistaken, you hit every nail on the head…and I assure you we not only appreciate it, but will keep it in mind when thinking about future purchases. Your customer service and attention to detail has been fantastic.


Not sure what is going on here…

Just jumped on my second computer. Installed an older version of the Stack and hit “update” and got this:

Might have been an error in one of the earlier builds. So my advice is to either download from the email (@TINO, @Mathew, @Dave) or the bundle dashboard (@habitualshaker) then in future updates it should work - I’m sure of it.

Extra notes:

@habitualshaker - you should be getting them in RW and the Dashboard. I’ve checked the update logs and people have been download updates so it is working. So not sure why you’re not getting access. Try this one again and let’s see what happens in the next round.

Follow for updates:

Thanks all for the kind comments, this brings a little needed sunshine :wink:
Thanks @Dave for the longer piece also - really appreciate it!


A ‘sticky’ option (with offset setting) would be nice. I often like putting the navigation under the banner and then having that stick to the top (or an offset from top) when reached. Possible for a future iteration?

I definitely don’t / can’t get them from within RW. Is there something that you might be doing differently from other devs? Your stacks are the only ones where I can’t update from within RW.

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There’s a fixed option already and “Fixed Centralised Floating Navigation” added in 1.2 might be good for now. Although there’s no offset value. That could be added in the future :slight_smile:

I just tested and same as above:

I’ve checked the update logs and people have been download updates so it is working. So not sure why you’re not getting access. Try this one again and let’s see what happens in the next round (1.3 onwards…)


This is actually a perfect example of the issue. I thought I had the latest version but it transpires that I only have 1.1.5. A check for updates reveals nothing from Yuzool:

And looking at the screenshots for v1.2 above suggest that the features you mention aren’t equivalent to what a sticky menu can do. I’ll try and download again manually later though this obviously failed too last time.


If or when this option is added, you can use this donation-ware stack:


to add a sticky option to the navigation stack, I tried it and it works fine.
Just place the navigation stack in the Pin stack, it also has a z-setting
in case you run into layering issues.


Thanks. Yes - you can also do it with BWD’s Chroma stack. just felt it might make sense for it to be an option in this stack too.


That’s a great solution @rolisize and nice Stacks combo playing together

@habitualshaker as I mentioned above, please try again from 1.2 :slight_smile: So we will review with 1.3 as 1.1.5 is not working for your updates.

Is http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/navigation/ not a sticky / “fixed” menu?

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Intriguing stack. Does this replace the topbar stacks in foundation and foundry, or does it override them?

Also, is there any specific setup documentation for those themes?


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It can be used instead of (replaces) them and automatically takes the Navigation from RapidWeaver.

No setup needed specifically needed for those themes. Just add it in your page, and then play with the stylings.

Foundry community quite happy with it :slight_smile:


I have put the navigation in a Partial with others (logo, page header, etc) to make it fast to add pages and change things, but when I do this I start loosing pages from my drop down menu (I have 4 pages on one dropdown but only showing 1)
Is this something I am doing wrong or an issue with the Navigation bar?

Thanks for any help

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Have updated to 1.2 now. I have noticed though @yuzool that a number of your stacks have version numbers that are in the format x.y (i.e. 1.0, 1.1 etc) whereas (I believe to receive automatic updates) they need to be in x.y.z format (i.e. 1.0.0, 1.1.0 etc). I think this might well be the reason why we do not always see updates from you coming through automatically.

Cool idea @bayview

Not aware of this issue, sorry…

Are those pages set to “show in navigation” as in the page inspector shot here?


hmmm… thanks @habitualshaker I’ll check that out.
Cart 2.3.2 should be out today so let’s test that theory! :slight_smile:

Yes these are set to “show in Navigation”
The following is the Navigation not in a “partial”

This is a screen shot of a page but the Navigation is in a “partial”


Hmmm - I’m not sure on this

As it’s taking the %navigation% API from RapidWeaver it should be working - this seems more a thing with Partials…

This will need more testing but in the meantime please use it not within Partials