Yuzoolthemes Cart Enable Terms?

I have written to Michael about this, but I’m hoping someone here can help so I can move along with my site development. I have “enabled terms” in Cart Simple, but nothing happens. I would assume a buyer would be required to click the checkbox before the item being purchased goes into to the cart, but “accept terms” left unchecked and click the "add to cart"the cart still appears. Has anyone else been able to make this work?
Sample setup is here:


Have you also ticked the ‘terms’ checkbox in the cart enabler stack?

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Yes, but there’s no change.

Can anyone confirm that “enable terms” works?

It definitely works in my tests @bruce - but once I get your project we can make some adjustments.

Working on some updates to Cart so will factor this in :wink:

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Updates to Cart? Excellent.


Yes… actually don’t want to give too much away :wink: but working on a version 2.
You were one of the inspirations!

Amazing. Proof that user feedback works. (I bought Pay by the way - it was just the job for a project I was working on).

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Please speak with Stuart. He confirmed that he could not get it to work.

Great to hear @robbeattie and hope the project went well!

Amazing. Proof that user feedback works
And yes, always very important to us :slight_smile:

@bruce I’d like to kindly ask you to send me your project again:

But.. I just uploaded a basic plain no-styles-no-frills Foundation Theme demo and it works a treat:

Here's the link: http://dev.yuzoolthemes.com/cart/tc/

The confusion might be coming from you have to try and actually check out (go to PayPal) to see the block. But you can still add to cart without agreeing. That’s expected behaviour.

As for me and @kryten - we natter like grannies all the time. Like two old women on a natter and knitt Thursday. So don’t worry about that :wink:

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Yes, the confusion is because I did not click the “Check Out with PayPal” button. I’m still having trouble trying to figure out the expected behavior. It seems that all I need to do is click the" agree to the terms" once, then no matter what I subsequently put in the cart I can get to PayPal without an additional warning and requirement to agree to the terms for the other items. I have to think about that more, but I’m leaning towards I would want the buyer to have to agree to the terms for each separate licensed item they purchase, and I want them to have to agree to the terms when they click add to cart. I’m going to be selling numerous different plans, and I hope buyers will purchase more than one (different) plans by putting them in the cart.

I played with your test page and my test page. Every so often I can get past the “you must agree to the terms” by just clicking close, and then clicking “Check Out with PayPal.” If you do that procedure twice it seems to always let me through without clicking the “you must agree to the terms” checkbox. I need buyers to be forced always to have to click the checkbox.

I’ve thought about this more, and I really want the buyer to have to agree to the terms before they can add the item to the cart, and I want them to have to do that for every distinct item they add to the cart. That way they can fill the cart with items they have agreed to the terms on, and then go and pay the cart total.

I believe I have located the problem why I can’t get “Agree to the terms” working on my site. It appears there’s a conflict with Stacks 4 Stacks FontStack. With it on the page, terms in Cart fails. When I remove it from the page, terms in Cart works (most of the time!).

Here are my test pages. The first link has FontStack installed: