Yuzooltheme's Task?

Are you going to update http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/task/ as well? I’d like to see this work before I buy.

Or is there some sort of setting I need to change on Chrome/Safari to make it work?


I have not been able to get this stack working as well and opened a support ticket with Yuzool 2 or 3 weeks ago but haven’t heard anything back.

I am also unable to get the demo page to work.

In RW6 there was an update yesterday for the Collect 3 stack but not for Task.

I will ask @yuzool to update the demo page as soon as possible.

That is extremely disappointing to hear. I’m genuinely not aware of any missed tickets! Around the time you mention we moved to a new support system, but I was not aware of any outstanding tickets when we transitioned. In any case please accept my apologies and let me re-assure you that you can now send an email to support@yuzoolthemes.com and your ticket is opened automatically. It would be great if you could do that and share details about your site where we can see the issue and try to help.

Now… regarding the Task stack. I was aware of a javascript error on the demo page and was concerned that it might be impacting the implementation of the stack. I have made a new page with the task stack here:


That page shows the stack running in the mighty Foundation framework. Could I ask you to visit that page and let me know how you get on? If its not working for you it would be incredibly helpful to know what kind of device/browser you are using.



The Task functionality is now working at http://technodope.co.uk/. This is wonderful and thank you for your hard work on this. If my client puts in a note with Task on hispage.com, will I be able to see his note to me when I go to the same URL of hispage.com? I tried http://technodope.co.uk/ out on macOS Safari and Chrome as well as Safari and iCab in iOs but each time I go to http://technodope.co.uk/ in a different browser on the same device it’s always your original setup message is always there. It doesn’t show the message/task I’ve created from a different browser but from the same device. Is this just part of the demo aspect of http://technodope.co.uk/?

Hi @labcoatguy

Thats great news - thank you for letting me know so quickly!

Regarding the visibility of task items between users, well thats not exactly how it works I’m afraid. Task lists are, as you have noted unique to each user/browser. So the task list that you create would not, natively, be viewable by your customer.

When I used this stack recently, I deployed it as a convenience aide for the client. I set the client up with a Tasks page out-with the navigation menu, which they bookmarked. Now, each time I advised the client of updates they could visit the site, review things and keep notes - a bit like a workflow journal - on the Tasks page. This helped them to keep track of where we started, what changes they requested, what I delivered and what’s outstanding. It aided our communication.

It only takes a second to select the tasks and paste them into an email too, so as a way to provide a convenient, professional looking notepad to the client - it’s great. Having said that we have also heard from users who treat it like a private todo list and have put their shopping list into it!

I guess its strength is in its ability to collect an individuals thoughts about stuff that has been or needs to be done which can then be communicated/shared in a number of ways (outside the stack). Not as communications channel directly.

Re-reading the product page for the stack, I think this is reasonably well communicated. I could probably have done a better job of making this aspect of the Task stack’s’ capabilities clearer in this thread though.

Having said all of that, I do now wonder about making a Task2 stack where we could save the active tasks into a lightweight DB, maybe sqlite, and render them to everyone along with an identifier about who added the entry and when. I’ll talk it over with Michael as clearly this would introduce additional complexities around security and privacy - but that would hardly be insurmountable.

Anyway, hope this helps and thanks for pointing out the problems with the demo site - we’ll get that fixed asap.


Any news on the stacks update?

1.2 was released a few days ago:

Try Sparkle updating :slight_smile:

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