Yuzooltheme's Task?

I’ve got a client about 6 time zones away so it would be easier for us to communicate if we could just make notes to each other directly on the site itself, and I’ve been looking at the Task stack by the Yuzool Themes.

Is there another similar tool to Task that might also work?

I’m having trouble getting Task to work. Ive tried using a Mac a PC, an iPhone and an iPad. Can’t get any of them to work. Tried with safari an Chrome.

It’s part of Yuzool’s Sayonara Sale. Does that mean Task won’t be supported anymore/

What am I missing? How do I do this?




If you would like some support with “Task”, from yuzoolthemes, then all you need do is send an email to:


I’m not aware of any particular issues with Task. I used it myself not so long ago and it worked great, so I’m sure we can get you up and running with it. Bet it’s something simple… :slight_smile:

Apologies if you didn’t understand my query.

I can’t get the demo page to work in any device–whether MacOS, iOS, windows, safari, chrome–anything.


My second question is whether there’s an alternative to Task. I need something that works to communicate with a client 6 time zones away.


Demo page is working great.

  1. Click on the text that says “What do you need to do today”. That’s just placeholder text…
  2. Type in your required task related text.
  3. Click “Add”.


Is that what you are doing?


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I just want to confirm that the page is NOT working for me. I click on Add and I see a new item with blank space. No way to type into the space. Using Safari 9.1.2

You have to click on the “what do you need to do today” text and type there. That is the placeholder text. Then click add.

Let me update. I can NOT click on the text What do you need to do today?

If I click on ADD then I can subsequently click on the What do you need text. But that’s very unintuitive. When I see the new line below I’m expecting to type below.

Hi @Mathew

I’m using Chrome and away from my Mac just now :frowning:

I’ll test it in Safari as soon as I get home.

OP did mention that they tried Chrome and the placeholder in the demo can be a little unintuitive.

Thanks for the heads up.

Works for me (on Chrome and Windows XP)

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Works for me in Safari and Firefox. I can see how the stack would be helpful to remind those clients who never remember to send you the files you asked for last week… :slight_smile:


Eventually got home and able to check on my Mac with Safari 10.0.1 - worked fine.

Tested with my iPhone using both Safari and Chrome - both worked fine.

Works for me. The interface is not completely intuitive, to be honest. You have to click on the text and then start typing. When you type the first character, the placeholder text disappears and is replaced by what you type. I also thought it wasn’t working until I saw @kryten’s explanation.

I agree completely. The UI can definitely be improved to make it more intuitive… @yuzool and I will get an update out for the stack asap to make it clearer. This thread - in that respect - has been most worthwhile as it will make the stack even better.

If you agree that the demo site and the stack is working okay would it be possible to mark the thread as ‘solved’ or “closed” or something similar? Many thanks :slight_smile:


No, I don’t think it’s closed. Like Nick, this is unusable. I can’t change the text from the first line. I can add a box, check off a box, and delete a box, but I can’t add any text to any box–whether a new box or the original box with the placeholder text.

This is true for iOS 9x on an iPhone, iOS 10 iPad and iOS 10 iPhone, Windows 7, and macOS 10.10.5.

On Mac, Safari 10.0.1; Chrome 55.0.2883.28.

My original question was is there another similar tool.

I think Task is doing what it claims to do.

In any case, as for another/similar tool, I don’t know if there are similar stacks but you could try something like BugHerd maybe? Or just setup a google doc, I suppose…

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Ah well… guess Task isn’t for you.

I’m not aware of anything very similar to Task in the land of stacks, but if you felt adventurous one of these third party components might fit the bill for you?



The first one, ‘noted’ looks quite interesting.

Best of luck!

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An update to the Task stack to make it much clearer where to enter the task description, is now ready and will go out in the next few days.


Thanks to @kryten fine work on this - update went out today to make this a little clearer in the text message - get it via Sparkle :wink:

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