Adobe Muse being canceled. Might move back to Mac just for RapidWeaver

Hello all,

Many, many, years ago I was a dedicated Mac and RapidWeaver user. Now, I am using Adobe Muse under Windows 10. Adobe Muse is being canceled, much to my dismay. My thoughts turned to RapidWeaver. I am leaning heavily towards buying a mac just for RapidWeaver. However, I am out of touch and have questions I would like answered directly by the user base. This site I am working on now is an eCommerce site (my own for once!). It is fairly simple. I am using WooCommerce. What is the state of RapidWeaver for developing a rather simple eCommerce site? Of course, this is probably talking about plugins - but I have been away for a long time. So please reply away.

Cartloom is the favoured e-commerce solution for using in Rapidweaver projects :

Ah yes, I do remember Cartloom. I wait a few hours for any other advice - but that is probably enough

Might have a look at these post aswell

Ecwid and Cartloom are probably your best choices. I have used cartloom for almost 10 years now and really love it. If there is anything that i can do to help make your transition smoother, let me know.

Hi joeworkman, I remember you from when I used Rapidweaver about that long ago. I am sold.


Welcome back William :wave:

If you have anymore questions about moving back to RapidWeaver don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Happy Weaving!

I remember seeing something about work on a Windows version of RapidWeaver not so long ago. (Might save William having to buy a Mac).

@dan - How’s the PC version coming on :crazy_face:

Haha, I can confirm the PC version is not happening — We’re 100% Mac addicts!

Don’t tell anyone, but RapidWeaver 8 is now well under way and looking rather good :ok_hand:


It must have a long ago as 2008 I was using RapidWeaver in a professional capacity. I am excited to see how far along things have come for software that was darn near perfect at the time. Even if it hasn’t changed that much, it is still top notch software.

There is a Mac emulator in the works. I gather it’s not so hot at the moment, but that is difficult work. I am wondering if I can install OS X in Virtual Box. I have the horsepower.

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