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(vasari gallery) #101

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Just a clarification about the “name your price” option; basically a potential client enters the value/price he/she would like to pay for the item but it’s up to the seller to decide if he/she wants to accept the offer. Is that correct?

Another question: in Cartloom Terms of Service you read: “You agree that the amount of funds received from any single person or third party using Cartloom will not exceed $1,000 and will not be less than $1.00”. Does that mean that the maximum amount for a single item must not exceed $1000 mark? This is important to know for us because we are selling artwork and certain items are priced over that limit.

Thank you again for your time and patience.

(Yabdab) #102


The “Name Your Price” option is used when you want the customer to pay what they want. A good example of where this would be helpful is for collecting donations for charity events. The order and payment is fully processed regardless. It is not dependent on the seller accepting the price.

That line on the terms has been removed for now. We agree that it makes no sense.

Hope this helps.

(vasari gallery) #103


I noticed that you have added a new feature: Product Compare Price.

Can you please explain to me how to use it?

One more question: why isn’t the catalogue mode available anymore?

Thank you very much for all of your help!

(Nick Cates) #104

Yes, we’re actively added new features on a weekly basis :slight_smile:

Our new “Compare Price” feature is show (for example) a retail price, and actual sale price, for a product listing. Also when running a big sale, it’s very common to show the “slashed” retail pricing.

(Nick Cates) #105

After some careful thought, Catalog Mode for Plus or Pro plans only.

(vasari gallery) #106

Ok. Thanks. That’s a very useful feature to diversify the product offerings (especially for more expensive items). Too bad now it is available only for Plus or Pro Plans :slight_smile:

Also, if you don’t mind me suggesting a new feature…what about best offer/make an offer (something slightly different than name your price feature", I mean…).

Thank you for all of your efforts!

(scott williams) #107

@nickcates Quick question. is Cartloom White Label - Can I use it / resell it to my clients with me paying the fees and billing my clients?

(Nick Cates) #108

You mention a feature for “best offer/make an offer”, but this is exactly what catalog mode can be used for. Instead of an “add to cart” button, you could have the purchase text read “Make an offer”, and when clicked buyers are prompted to send you a email with there offer :slight_smile:

(Nick Cates) #109

Generally speaking yes. The entire customer experience can have Cartloom branding removed, and seller branding added. Keep in mind though, the Cartloom seller admin will always be branded, but if the seller is your client - and you control that, then in theory they’d never see our branding. Please let me know if you have any questions on this.

(vasari gallery) #110


I wonder if you can help me with the “Addthis” Add-on. I am trying to insert the social icons between the “add to cart” and “Contact/Ask a question” tabs, in correspondence to the “Share” line, but to no avail. The social icons appear at the bottom of the page instead. I am using the Fortress Theme. Any ideas? Thank you for all of your time and efforts.

(Nick Cates) #111

Social icons at the bottom of the page, could you send me a link to view this happing? Also make sure to have “AddThis” correct setup in the Addons area in your Cartloom admin panel. Hope this answer helps.

(vasari gallery) #112

Hi Nick,

Please find attached two screenshots of my project. Hope you can help me. Thanks!

(Nick Cates) #113

Gotcha, so all Cartloom settings are isolated from RapidWeaver. For the correct AddThis settings go Cartloom Admin > Addons > AddThis.

Then you can also remove the AddThis RapidWeaver code.

(vasari gallery) #114

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your reply.

This is what I did:

1- I went to the Cartloom Admin> Addons> Addthis
2- I enabled the Add-on and included my profile ID
3- I went to Addthis Dashboard and created an Inline share Button.
4- I copied the Addthis Html codes and pasted them into my Body section of my Rapidweaver theme.
5- The social icons appear at the bottom of the page, as in the screenshots ( on the right side of the screenshots you can see where I pasted the codes).

Is there something I am not getting? In which of the above passages I am doing something wrong?

Thank you for your patience!

(Jan Fuellemann) #115

Is anybody using Cartloom 4 in Germany and knows if this is compliant to the german law? This requires a dedicated position of the Buy Now button, the legal texts it has to show, etc…

Thank you

Jan Fuellemann

(Yabdab) #116


Please contact our support department for support. Thanks.

(Nick Cates) #117

Step 4 is not nessesary, and should be removed, all AddThis setup for Cartloom must stay completely within the Cartloom admin panel. I believe the confusion is in AddThis having two different things labeled a "Profile ID. I’ve attached a screenshot of the correct Profile ID you want, it’s going to look like a random string of numbers and letters.

(vasari gallery) #118

Thanks for your help, Nick. Works perfectly now.

(Jan Fuellemann) #119

It is more like a pre-sales question, but I do, thank you!

(Nick Cates) #120

Awesome! I was having the exact same issue myself when first trying to get setup, LOL!