Cartloom 4 - E Commerce for RapidWeaver


(Andy D) #81

Hi there! I signed up to the beta and have logged in, but can’t find where to upgrade to a plan and/or activate the ‘Pro Features Forever’ offer. Thanks!

(Nick Cates) #82
  1. Our pricing for what is offered is the most competitive out there, and we can’t offer our service for any less. Our free no monthly fee account is perfect for monthly transactions under $1K, but even at $1k, your Cartloom bill for the month would $20. Again, for what we offer, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal.

  2. please shoot us an email to, and we’ll get that sorted :slight_smile:

  3. We dropped all signup fees and promotion deals, all sign ups for our beta period are free. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Thanks.

(Nick Cates) #83

This was only offer the first few days of launching Cartloom 4 beta. Long story short, the term weren’t as clear as we’d hoped, which caused some confusion, so we discontinued all promotional offers.

(Furqan ) #84

Hi Joe

Cartloom 4 looks great but the $64k question is , does it work with Foundation?

(Joe Workman) #85

Cartloom and Foundation work great together.

(Nick Cates) #86

Hi Furqan, I’d like to go a step beyond your inital question, Cartloom embeds are designed to work on ANY webpage, even without a webpage. So Foundation compatible yes! Wordpress compatible? Yes. You can embed Cartloom project pages into any webpage, any blog, I truly mean anywhere.

Only under extreme improper site formatting cases will Cartloom embeds not generate correctly. But this typically is resolved by cleaning up the layout a bit. We’ve yet to have an outright incompatiblity issue yet with our embeds.

(Sri) #87

Hi Nick:

I want to sell interactive streaming videos (not downloads). I see that CartLoom does encrypted links and AmazonS3.

I need to restrict the buyer’s access to the streaming video to, say, 24 or 48 hours (similar to pay-per-view).

Can CartLoom do this?

(Nick Cates) #88

This kind of product (access to streaming content) is not something Cartloom offers at this time. Thanks for asking though, I keep your request in mind as we add more features in 2017!

(Sam) #89

Cartloom is down again. Impossible to get in touch with them as they have no phone number. Extremely frustrating.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #90

They are already working on it.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #91

Will have a look at it thanks… if any question related will lets you know.

(Dominick Designs Websites & Tech Training Seminars LLC) #92



I hope you are well.

Does carloom have a way of showing a comparison chart?

I want to compare website design packages. What a costumer will get with package A, B, & C.

If not, do you know how I can accomplish this in RW 7?

Thanks for your support,

(Nick Cates) #93

Good question, but unfortunately no, Cartloom right now can generate Product Page, Product Groups, and Buy Buttons to embed on a webpage. For a compare chart, there might be a stack to create that layout. And for any buy buttons in the compare chart - Cartloom can integrate with that.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #94

@nickcates Hi Nick, would like to know if Cartloom 4 would integrate perfectly with Foundry?
I’m not sure to give it a try on RapidCard Pro4 Advanced or Cartloom 4.

Also would like to know:
-If Cartloom 4 offer to sell digital downloads same as RapidCard Pro4 Advanced?

If on the Cartloom 4 PRO plan the Cartloom 4 branding label would be a white label on all pages and functions so NO notice at all of the Cartloom 4 branding for customers?

More info related would be more than welcome.
Thanks a lot :+1:

(Nick Cates) #95

Cartloom 4 can work with any website - and any web building platform. Foundry will work just fine. Just an FYI, Cartloom embed products can even work without a website, meaning Cartloom 4 is as compatible as it gets for site integration!

Cartloom is amazing for digital downloads. Nick Cates Design, Joe Workman, Yourhead, Yabdab, Elixir Graphics, Michael David Design, One Little Designer… I could go on, but we ALL use Cartloom to handle our digital downloads, and we have been for easily 5+ years.

Our PRO plan allows the use of PRO only addons, one of these is addons is called White Label, where yes - all Cartloom branding is removed from the visitor experience.

Do signup:

It’s free to start a trial account, and then we have a Free (no monthly payment) plan too. This makes testing everything out easy with no up front cost!

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Thanks.

(Adam Shiver) #96

Works great with Foundry @TINO. I use it for selling Foundry. :wink:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #97

@nickcates, @Elixir Thanks guys :+1:

(steve bee) #98

Hi guys. Looking at this for a forthcoming project: I’m building a client site, it’s for a bike shop, they want to list their bike ranges, roughly 2-3000 models, each with about 4/5 variants, so upwards of 10,000 SKU’s. Cartloom handle these sorts of numbers?

Client wants to be able to add his product ranges himself, I’m guessing this is easy, right?

The cataloguing of the bikes would be by brand (say, Trek, Specialized, Giant), and then by bike type (say road, mountain, hybrid, DH, XC etc.). Site visitors need to be able to sort products by any/all of these headings: So, if they want to see all Trek, they can click “Trek” and see only that brand. Or, if they want to see all road bikes, they can click “Road”, and see road bikes from all the brands. Finally, they might want to view all the bikes, or categories of bikes/brands by price. Doable?

Lastly, we’re in the UK, and would want to be able to accept online payments, but not at 2.9%. Most shops will have their own online processing companies, typically charging 1-1.5%, can Cartloom connect to other payment gateways/providers in the IK? Like Worldpay, etc.

Finally, my costs: The Pro package at $30, is that monthly and per-domain? Are there any other costs I need to factor in?


(vasari gallery) #99

Hello everyone,

Two quick questions:

1- Is it possible to increase/decrease size of thumbnails?

2- Is it possible to have “price on request” instead of an established/visible price for certain items? If not, what would be a viable solution?

Thanks in advance for your help.

(Nick Cates) #100

@vasarigallery Good questions.

  1. Thumbnail sizes are responsive, so there’s no “fixed sized”. It scales depending on the parent container size, this is required for mobile compatibility.

  2. We currently don’t offer price on request. For now, we only offer fixed pricing, and “name your price” - where the customer can set the price as desired.