Google Structured Data

Has anyone looked at implementing structured data into any RapidWeaver built websites? If so how did you do it, and did you find it helped with rankings?

Oh and if we added support for this in RapidWeaver, how would you like us to do it in the UI?

@tav Yeah, that’s groovy!

I think some of the structured data options would be better at a global level and specified somewhere in RW. Probably the site settings area.

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Yes, has Joe got good timing or what :smile:

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Yes I agree. A new item in the global Settings with the standard ones together with a facility to add any of the structured data types one at a time should work nicely.

This would be a great addition to RW.

I have added structured data to my site at using Elixir’s Capsule stack, even though that was never it’s intended purpose. It verifies correctly inside Google and Bing but for some reason there is no evidence of rich snippet information in the results after waiting a couple of weeks, so I don’t know if they are being slow or just wilfully ignoring it for some reason.

After some extensive research I see structured data as a no brainer because only a tiny percentage of users currently use it and yet they dominate the search rankings. It’s probably the single quickest and most effective SEO change we can make but up to now it’s been hard to implement effectively in Rapidweaver because you don’t want that text messing up the graphic layout of the page.

I use Foundation so news that Joe has come up with something is welcome but I can’t test that at the moment because I am sticking with Stacks 2 while Stacks 3 is in beta. My site is due to launch within a couple of weeks and I can’t afford any great risks.

Having this built into Rapidweaver would be very useful. One observation with structured data is that if you add an image it’s best not to place the stack at the top of the page otherwise it will flash briefly as the page opens.

This would be a great feature Dan, thanks :smile:
Site settings area would be great

Looked into it some more and found out it’s super simply to add structured social profiles about you or your company:

This is the code I’m using for the new Realmac Software site (I’m building it in RapidWeaver):

   <script type="application/ld+json">
      "@context" : "",
      "@type" : "Organization",
      "name" : "Realmac Software",
      "url" : "",
      "sameAs" : [

I simple pasted it into the “Head” area in the code tab…

Hope that helps.

That looks easy. Thanks @dan!

No worries, that part is easy. Gets a little more complex with products and whatnot but it’s still very doable even for novices. @joeworkman is updating his Foundation Stacks to support structured data so that will make it easier for anyone to do :smile:

Great snippet - will direct people to it :smile:
Can’t wait to see the new site!

Thanks for the link!

Gezielte Google Optimierung möglich?

I can see a problem with pasting structured data into the Head section of the site settings. It will automatically be applied to every page regardless of their content.

In some cases (company information etc) it’d be relevant. All depends on the content and context, of course :slight_smile:

As Dan mentioned above, the Foundation theme now has a structure stack. You will need the Stacks 3 public beta to run this version of Foundation. You can get info on the Structured Stack here

To let everyone know, I do support for Joe Workman. Having to add this according to the Forum Rules

I’m already using Structure and it all validates. It shows up in Google webmaster tools but I’m wondering how long it will take before rich snippet search results appear.

@Matthias Thanks, awesome link
@baska ja gezielte Google Optimierung ist möglich.

Hello all… this is my first try at structures data and Joe W has done a fine job at getting Foundation ready. However, I may be having a problem.

-div itemprop=“priceCurrency”> -div id=‘stacks_out_7114_page0’ class=‘stacks_out’>-div id=‘stacks_in_7114_page0’ class=‘stacks_in com_joeworkman_stacks_foundation_panel_s3_stack’>

Note: I took out < and replaced it with - so the code would show on this page.

Notice the item prop is set to “priceCurrency”? Here is what it is set to in the UI:

To cover all bases… I am at the correct Partial:

Am I overlooking something?

Thank you,

Would be nice to have the possibility to ad different kinds of structured data on separate pages. Think it will be a “game changer” for SEO in Rapidweaver:) The code that Rapidweaver generates is already really good when it comes to SEO.
If I put it in the Code - Head I guess the data will be on every page?

/ Henrik