Need a Stripe Cart

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #22

Just create for each product a Poster Item. In details page e.g., you place @yuzool’s cart stacks. Adding something to the cart will add it globally to the new nice shopping basket functionality of cart 2. The checkbook button could be placed somewhere outside of Poster Stack.

(Mathew Mitchell) #23

Jannis: Nice! Looking forward to 1.8.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #24

A very quick implementation, just had 10 minutes time, will work on that later…
Ladies and mens polo shirts got some variable cart items.

Cart2 looks great to me :heart_eyes:

Alternative zu Rapidcart
(Jason Bostick) #25

That looks like a great way to have a simple store (esp given the recent discussion about the RCP plugin).

I see Project14 in Webdeer’s future! haha

(Gary) #26

Good suggestion actually.

(Lisa Sandler) #27

I’d go for that, for sure :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #28

Hey Guys thanks for all the feedback!

Been hard at work making Cart 2 even more awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the emails. Off the top of my had comments here from @LSPhoto, @webdeer, Luke and @bruce in particular really helped.

Emails just gone out with 2.1 updates. Here’s the low down. Might want to grab a :coffee:️ - it’s a long one:

Cart 2.1


  • Fixed quantity products - can set limit to 1 or 2 or 3 or whatever (if you’re selling Buzz Lightyear toys this Christmas)
  • Agree to terms and conditions before checkout to complete and proceed to buy
  • Change colours of Cart pop up! Title, background etc
  • Hide decimals in Cart pop up totals so for example, $5,500 instead of $5,500.00 -> good for expensive items if you’re lucky enough to sell any!
  • Custom Stripe Checkout Button! We don’t recommend it as it’s on brand, but you never know, you might want to style it so options for radius, colour, font size and padding. Don’t go overboard!
  • Custom PayPal Checkout Button! As with Stripe button, we also don’t recommend it as it’s on brand, but you never know, you might want to style it so options for radius, colour, font size and padding. And again, don’t go overboard!
  • Swap the PayPal image for a bigger or smaller one. See here for more from the horse’s mouth:
  • Option for alignment of checkout buttons if they go to two lines and want to hide the “or” just omit it and these sit nicely
  • In Stock / Limited Stock Toggle added so quickly go from Out of Stock to In Stock. This also helps to encourage sales and quickly alter stock availability
  • With PayPal only selected it’s possible to go direct to PayPal in a new window when checking out! This was requested. Stripe opens in the same window (for a nice User experience) except for tablet and mobile where it opens automatically in a new window - they handle that direction!
  • Drop down styles! Drop downs were originally styled by the theme but now have overrides built in for font, colour, size, border and so on. Blend it with your buttons for an authentic look.


  • Quantity box looks better with Foundation theme


(but you get the idea)

Not agreeing to Terms:

Limited Quantity:


Happy Selling in RapidWeaver with PayPal and Stripe guys!

Is RapidCart 3 still supported
(Michael Frankland) #29

PS - Oh and if anyone who was looking to sell digital files (books, music etc) I have a little thing going on so DM for info and I’ll send you the Stack :slight_smile:

(Gary) #30

Great update to a very versatile shopping solution.

(Michael Frankland) #31

Thanks @webdeer - and have another list starting for another round. First will need a kip to recuperate :stuck_out_tongue:

(Michael Frankland) #32

More updates on this one… introducing Cart 2.2!

Thanks again for all the feedback. This round a lot of it came from great feedback from @robbeattie & @webdeer

  • NEW: Add Out Of Stock Messages to Item variables also. So for example, Black Hat is out of Stock but not the red or blue? No problem. Add a custom message and republish. Arrange the order or items and keep selling those which are still good to go!
  • NEW: Titles can be switched on/off and automatically appear above the item if needed (saves typing it twice with a Text Stack)
  • NEW: Amounts can be included in Buttons with currency code for ease of use automatically. Or just write it manually (it’s not currency symbols but it’s a start and a help. If you want, you can overwrite this and add $ currency symbols manually as it’s set per item)
  • NEW: Cart Button now has the option to be a Cart icon! Great for mobile and small screens and super fast as browser powered (not Font repository)
  • NEW: Border colours for Cart pop-up can be set
  • FIX: Better mobile alignment of checkout buttons
  • FIX: Changed default colours to Black so clearer what it text in the Cart! :man_facepalming:
  • FIX: Button text in Stripe buttons now taking correct text

Some shots in action:

Out of Stock per variable item:

Convenient Item titles if required:


Amounts added into buttons if required:

Better mobile buttons:

Cart only icon (large and random place but you get the idea!):


Happy Selling in RapidWeaver with PayPal and Stripe guys!

Shout out to Yuzool re Stripe stack
(Gary) #33

This is now a really good workable solution for many small business web shops and turns RW into an easy to setup and use solution that can deal with items going in and out of stock with just a re-publish.

What’s great about Michael’s approach to delivering stacks is his willingness to listen and act on user feedback.

Shout out to Yuzool re Stripe stack
(Bruce Kieffer) #34

Where is the show the .00 in the cart setting? I’m getting $15 rather than $14.99. This is broken on my site and I can’t figure out why. It works on a simple test site I created.

Broken here:

Works here:

I have it set to $14.99
43 AM

(Bruce Kieffer) #35

Hold the presses! I think I have found the problem. Yep. Now I see the "Show Total Decimals in the Cart Base General Settings.

(Michael Frankland) #36

Thanks @bruce and glad you found it out :slight_smile:

(Nigel) #37

Hi @yuzool

Is there no variable pricing option in Cart 2? I want to offer a differing price depending on number of people (in cart 1 I could have a variable drop down).

Thanks Nigel

(Bruce Kieffer) #38

“Variable” is included in the Cart 2 stacks. Take a look at it. I’m not sure it will work the way you want it to, but if it does please let the rest of us know how you used it.
58 PM

(Bruce Kieffer) #39

I’m curious if there’s a way to provide a discount with the use of a code provided to certain buyers? “Apply discount code” kind of thing.

(Michael Frankland) #40

Thanks @Nigel - yes there are product variations but only for the type - size, colour etc. It won’t affect price. To do that it would be best to create a button for each a set a different price. I’ve seen this in a great example site (don’t have it to hand) and the user separated the buttons using a pill/tab Stack :slight_smile:

@bruce - no coupon codes included as yet but we’ll look into adding this - good idea

(Michael Frankland) #41

Cart 2.2.5 Free update is here :slight_smile:


  • NEW Disable PayPal so checkout with Stripe ONLY as an option
  • NEW Add a Cart Title in the Cart Modal Pop Up
  • FIX Centering buttons in FireFox
  • UPDATE Cart icon updated to latest Emoji:

Thanks to @thang for testing + @NeilUK @goodmanco @TINO for the idea of Stripe only (Solution for selling more than one quantity with Yuzool Stripe or Stripe Checkout?)

And I think it was @webdeer or @robbeattie (perhaps) who suggested a Cart Title :slight_smile:

Anyway - all good feedback and appreciated :slight_smile:

Download via Sparkle Stack updates, Yuzoolthemes Bundle account and individual Stack owners email just sent out.

Disable PayPal:

Title of Cart

Happy weaving with ecommerce shops!

Solution for selling more than one quantity with Yuzool Stripe or Stripe Checkout?