No support in over 2 months from Rapidcart Pro - I'M DONE :(


(Monica Palmer) #21

Lisa, when I realized I could use Paddle and other platforms I gave little attention to RapidCart Pro, since having the nightmare a year ago to get help to resolve an issue and to no avail.

Try going to Rapidweaver direct for help instead of Rapidcart support. That might just work. I signed up for the Gold membership, which they claim get me priority service. I have not tried it yet, but usually these guys at Rapidweaver have been gracious with me and helped regardless of classification of membership.

(Lisa Sandler) #22

meaning RealMac? They are not responsible for RCP support. I do reach out when applicable :slight_smile: I also find that I get great support from certain developers, and will continue to reach out to them and support them as well.

(Louis Cesar Ewande) #23

Don’t have the time to write all my story now just wanted to mention I had a very disappointing support experience too.

(Monica Palmer) #24

Yes, I meant Realmac.

Rubin, just thinking how much money I dished out then for Rapidpro 4, when I had no issue with the previous version still haunts me somewhat. I will treat it like bride under the waters. I can say I am finish with Rapidcart Pro.

(Robert) #25

Thanks for the info - I was ready to bite the bullet - seems a little complex for my beginning skills but I was still willing to give them my money… the fact that it’s not supported well means I’ll be searching elsewhere.

(René Schaap) #26

I had a argue with a stack developer some months ago… same reason, No or little or very very very late support. The Stack never functioned. I asked my money back… developer refused. Some words were said here on the forum between the developer and me… before it was solved the moderator closed the discussion and warned me of using bad language… ok.
A few weeks later another user posted the same experience with the same developer, of course i added myself in that discussion :slight_smile: I asked if Rapidweaver could make a kind of Rating system for their 3rd party developers… just to protect their clients. Because Rapidweaver depends on these 3rd party developers and RealMac can not turn just their back. It’s seams now after months these things still happen. i think RealMac has to take action… Rate system for 3rd party Rapidweaver developers please. Let’s make the Rapid Weaver community a community with only trustfull/professional and client friendly 3rd party developers.

(Barrie McDermid) #27

Could @dan not buy Omniidea if they are struggling and the product is so good? I have bought it a while ago and intend to update my website soon using the online course. I think that owning an inbuilt shopping cart of such capability would be a real benefit for rapid weaver as a product.

(r) #28

They do, go to the RW add-ons section you can leave or see feedback/review of the product(s)

(Duane LeBlanc) #29

I’ve used their product for the better part of a year and a half. I can’t argue with some of the support comments, however I have always received a response that led to a solution from my ticket.

It really is a great product, I feel the language barrier makes their manual very stiff in nature. It’s almost in comparison to watching a movie with subtitles. Look at the manual for Rapid Weaver, no language barrier but it is hard to find and outdated when you do. This is almost common place in the rapid weaver community.

I expect that developers feel that most who use their product have a background or handle on web development, CSS, ect. This seems to be common place across the rapidweaver community for many products. It’s certainly not always the case and leads to more questions than web building at times.

Rapidcart fills a void. SteveB nailed the concept in another thread. Personally I use this plug-in because you are literally punished by many of the other e-commerce options if you are successful. If we are already paying the fees to the card processor how could you even afford to pay another transaction fee on top of this? That is not a sound business model or your simply not selling enough to notice.

In the past I have used paysnap, which I was really very fond of. If they became just a little bit more intuitive and accepted stripe, square ect… that would be my go to. Right now I feel most work with what they have available. Usually it isn’t the absolute best solution, but you work with the tools you are given.

(Lisa Sandler) #30

I completely agree. I’ve said it’s a good product, but to not have a response from support (in almost 10 weeks now) is unprofessional… language barrier or not.

Yes, I’ve sent more support tickets to question why I’m not getting responses.

I use many other developers apps and can tell you, most of them respond within 48 hours, some a week. Some respond just to tell me I can’t do what I want to, but at least they respond.

I bought @ben’s videos on ecommerce, without which I could not have set up my RCP. Why can’t the developer have good instructions to go with their product (included with the product)? Language barrier? Get help.

I got it set up and working, but had some questions about future upgrades and some visual things that were not rendering correctly.

I’m using the 4gnd support forum, which they’ve made private for the developers only, so users on there can’t even see my questions.

I’ve tried using this RM forum to ask questions as well.

I also agree about PaySnap. If it were less cumbersome and accepted Stripe, that would be ideal. I’m not afraid of putting in the work on my end. I spent 6 months setting up my products in RCP, and I’m willing to do it for the right product with support.

(John) #31

Regarding the “feedback/review” RapidWeaver (RealMac) provides for products of third-party developers

RealMac does indeed provide a rating system for third-party developers. They call it Community Reviews and place it at the bottom of product descriptions for add-ons. Here’s the link to the product description for RapidCart Pro (RCP):

Unfortunately, that page is little more than a mutual admiration society with all (but one) post blowing kisses in the direction of the Italian peninsula. The testimonials sound like 2016 campaign rallies for you-know-who, with 22 ‘greats,’ six ‘powerfuls’, and five ‘amazings’ to characterize RCP.

RapidCart Pro may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but as a purchaser/user of the advanced version of the RCP plug-in, I would have appreciated reading an unbiased review providing both favourable comments and constructive criticisms before making my purchase decision.

Thus, I wonder whether there would be RapidWeaver-community interest in having access to a third-party (ad-free) website dedicated solely to the posting of independent reviews of RealMac add-ons, written by users who wish to share their experience with those products.


  • Yes, if pros & cons were fairly represented
  • Maybe
  • No

(Lisa Sandler) #32

I never even go to that part of the website, and did not know that about the ratings. I guess I now have my favorite developers and try things out at the suggestion/announcements made of/by others here. It would be good to have something like this, in my opinion.

(Doug Bennett) #33

Click the write a review button, and it even tells you that reviews are for what you like about the product and if you’re having a problem to contact the vendor. Not much of a subjective review process. And of course you can only like a product not dislike (no thumbs down).

That being said I don’t put a lot of value on reviews as many are stacked with fake or vendors soliciting customers to give good reviews.

(Lisa Sandler) #34

Personally, if I am happy (or unhappy, which doesn’t happen too often except for this original post lol) with products and stacks, I say something here.
What about adding a section here in the forum for reviews? Like Stacks has it’s own section, German etc. @dan @ben

(Larry Cassis) #35

I am considering RCPro4… and thank you for the comments of everyone’s experiences…
I am an apprenticed Oshibana artist … and due to the nature of our art/craft each piece is a unique one of a kind (like fingerprints)
In exchange for lessons I have developed a website to show our art to the world & customers. I have been trying to develop an online-store front to sell individual pieces but have had difficulties in several “features” or “needs”…

1- each frame is the only one SO I don’t want/need a to show “Quantity either in the description or in the check out cart selector”

2- Once the frame is purchased it is gone!!.. I don’t want the embarrassment of someone else buying the same frame since it is gone… I want it to Automatically show in the description that it is “Not Available”/“Sold” without myself having to go into RW and manually toggle and re-publish… I have had it happen 3 times that the same frame was purchased by 2 or more different customers… and having to explain that the exact one they see in the photo on the website I cannot reproduce “Exactly” … 2 customers would not accept this reality and complained that I was a fraud -bait n switch…

3-I do not need to have any social media icons showing and would like the feature to turn them off (payloom3 won’t do that in the checkout cart)

I have been using PayLoom3 plugin but that seems to no longer be available/supported It is a good product and I have compensated for my “one-of-a-kind” need with prominent red text stating so and have been hyper-vigilant to get to any item that I get notified is sold and toggle the “Sold Out” box and re-publish…

I was in hopes that RapidCartPro4 may have this automatic sold feature built in
May I put in a plug for Mr Ryan Smith who provides GREAT video tutorials on his site He has a series of training tutorials 116min specifically for RapidCart4

I do not want and cannot afford a monthly fee for the other e-commerce options by other developers…

Thanks for your time to read my words and thanks for all the support everyone gives here. If anyone may have any suggestions or solutions I would be greatly appreciative
Regards from the coast of Maine USA

(Jason Bostick) #36

I think these answers are correct, but someone else can chime in. (Also, I’d consider starting a new topic with these questions. The developer has been tagged a few times here but maybe has chosen to not resurrect this thread given the title).

1 - I think this is the purpose of providing a quantity. Set it to 1 and when it gets sold, the option to purchase it should be gone.
2 - as above, the quantity should solve this so that no one else could buy it, though you’d need to go into your RW project to actually remove the item from the store.
3 - You don’t need to ave social media icons in your RCP store.

Another option for you is Ecwid. They have a free plan for up to 10 items and it integrates pretty smoothly with Rapidweaver.

(Again, consider starting a new topic for your question)

(Andrea) #37

In general I’d like to have developers spend more time on the tutorials and manuals.
There are “hidden features” even in themes that are not minor, but I knew after contacting support.
Why not include those in a manual?

It is very strange that people who design online products are so bad at communicating, I guess is an industry trend.

(steve bee) #38

It’s all about time and money.

Most devs enjoy the coding, it’s what they do, but most likely don’t so much enjoy the explaining and writing. If the RW world wasn’t so cheap, if the devs didn’t undervalue their output so much, and if the end user (us) weren’t so cheap, they’d have the money to do this stuff. But, we won’t pay for it, so they don’t have the money to do it, so it doesn’t get done.

The lack of money in the RW world has been it’s been the biggest hurdle to realising it’s full, or even half it’s full potential. Occasionally you get genius nutjobs like Tav come along who give everyone a glimpse of what is possible and more or less give the RW team a blueprint for where the engine (RW) should be going, all for free, but there simply isn’t the money in the eco-system to pay for it.

The blame lies with everyone: RW, the devs and us the users. Most users balk at paying proper money for stacks etc, so the devs do things as cheap as possible to remain in business and RW for some insane unknown completely mental reason haven’t gone the app store route and added an easy to use integrated way to distribute, buy and install apps whilst taking a cut, so as to fund proper develop of the engine we all rely so heavily on, Rapidweaver. Until this is sorted the RW world will remain underfunded and so will always be several steps behind where it could/should be at this point in its life.

Of course, most will completely disagree with this, but they’re lying, as they don’t want to admit the truth, possible to themselves, but also to everyone else: They all want to make out to their peers that business is great, but it’s not. It could be, but it needs proper business management.

I love RW, and I 100% respect and like all the devs I deal with, even the ones I give a really really hard time too, but I know that sooner or later a replacement costing five times the price will come along and the RW market will split: Those using it commercially will jump ship whilst those using it as little more than a play thing (the vast majority) will stay. This will only add to the problem at the core of RW in the long term.

(Doug Bennett) #39

My thoughts are that this has nothing to do with the original (over 10 month old) post that was about one vendor not providing support.

(Andrea) #40

I read somewhere that the RCP guys had some problems and they are going to be back soon.
I think a statement from them would be nice since the product is still up on their site.