No support in over 2 months from Rapidcart Pro - I'M DONE :(


(Lisa Sandler) #41

You will see the RCP dev pop up 3 times a year and say, “Sorry, we’ve had a lot going on but we will be getting back to responding soon.” That’s all. No help. Then another 4-6 months of radio silence goes by.

There are many great devs here that do respond when asked for help and like some other users, I’d love to see one of them tackle an e-commence stack.

Push notification in RapidCart Pro still didn't work
(Doug Bennett) #42

Here his last post (nov 2017):

(SF) #43

It’s definitely a shock when compared to the rest of the Rapidweaver community, where I spend $15 for a stack and have an answer generally within 48 hours to pay this much for what is a solid product, but then after three weeks still have no response.

Even a “hey, saw your ticket, I have zero idea why that isn’t working” would be nice. At least you know the company still exists. I’m now looking at alternatives as well. It’s a pain, it’s a great product when it’s working.

(ben) #44

here’s a little updated about RapidCart Pro

(SF) #45

XThanks for showing that. I’ve been following the threads. Y issue (phantom orders) doesn’t seem to me to be a design issue. Hopefully they’ll eventually reply.