Plugin incompatibilities v5 vs v6

Several of my plugins from RW 5 didn’t transfer over to RW6: FormLoom, symFlowPlayer Plugin RW, Stacks, FaqMaker RW, symNivo Plugin. Videos went away, etc.Ideas?


The upgrade process seems a little daunting before you embark on it; but stick with it - have you followed the instructions here? What happened? Can you Reveal AddOns in Finder?

It’s possible that you didn’t have RW6-compatible versions:

FormLoom 3 for RW6 is here.
Today Stacks 3 was launched.
FAQMaker is here.

Try updating them first in RW5. Good luck!

Thanks, Mark.

I was able to upgrade the existing plugins except the symFlow.rwplugin and symNivo.rwplugin, both of which are no longer supported and certainly not upgraded to RW6. That’s a problem for me because my site is mostly video, in .flv clips. I’ve searched for a replacement player that does .flv but not found one. What I’d like to do is convert the .flvs to mp4s and go to YouTube clips. Is there a tutorial or a YouTube plugin that would make that task simpler?

Thanks. I’d really like to take advantage of the improved RW, but would rather not have to start from scratch.



I know just what you’re saying about no-longer-supported.

I have six sites to maintain and frankly I put off moving from RW5 to 6 for that reason… I was reluctant to face conversion.

But when I started, I found it was an excellent opportunity to move content in all the old no-longer-supported plugins into Stacks; they’re all all the better for it!

Conversion from .flv to .mp4 is easy. There are many apps that will do it.

Try this or this. Or such a Google search as ‘mac convert flash to mp4’ for routines/docs that will walk you through it.

No, don’t start from scratch - I couldn’t find a single plugin for which there is now no equivalent or better Stack!