πŸŽ‰ RapidWeaver 7 is now available! πŸŽ‰

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #66

I guess not anytime soon…

(Dan) #67

We have no immediate plans to put it on the App Store, We’re waiting to see what Apple announce at WWDC before we commit to anything.

(Jeff Lamprey) #68

Thanks Dan.
Sorry to hear that as I, like many others I suspect, have sufficient credit on the App Store to purchase but the latest version available there is v5.3.2 at Β£69.99. This makes the purchase from App Store plus the upgrade cost to v7 from Realmac very prohibitive. New users would no doubt want to start off with v7 straight away and not buy v5.3.2 and then have to upgrade.
I suspect that the lack of v7 on the App Store may be losing you a lot of potential purchases.
Something for Realmac to think about perhaps.

(Jason Bostick) #69

I think part of it is the App Store’s inability to push out updates efficiently. Realmac, then, would risk losing more customers in the long run by not being able to be as responsive to bug fixes and the like. That’s partly how I’ve understood it, anyway.

(Jeff Lamprey) #70

Thanks jabostick - I guess I’ll to wait for an update from RM after the WWDC.

(Dan) #71

Spot on Jabostick :slight_smile:

We love being able to push out same day fixes, previously the App Store prevented this, and it often required a week+ for Apple to review the software before it could be released. Things look like they are improving. So we’ll see!

(Jeff Lamprey) #72

Thank you for the comprehensive replies guys - I understand now.
I hope that Apple make the required changes to the App Store that will enable it to support an efficient update service in the near future. Hopefully then RW7 can be made available via the App Store.
Thanks again.

(Dave) #73

I believe, too, that this go 'round you would find LOTS of high ratings and positive comments from people who bought on the App Store. From what I’ve read here in the forum, this upgrade has gone very, very well - and everyone seems thrilled with the new features. I know I am.

I realize that a lot of developers dislike the App Store - and for good reasons (e.g., customer reviews and the inability for devs to respond to bad ones, sandboxing, upgrades, commission, etc.). But, from the customer-side, there is a lot to like. Basically, the ability to click the App Store button from any of my Macs (I own five, incl family member’s) and install the software. No searching for links, serial numbers, etc. Given the choice, I almost always choose the App Store route.

(Dave Candage) #74

I asked this a while ago (not in the forums) and thought I’d ask it again as I’d like to get RW7.

I purchased an upgrade ver 6 on 2/1. I bought it on an assumption that if RW7 came out shortly after, that the upgrade would be free (other companies do that. Just my assumption). But time keeps ticking and it’s not so shortly anymore. Do you have plans to do that?

The answer was:

Hi Dave

We do have plans for a grace period, but until RapidWeaver 7 launches we can’t confirm what the exact grace period will be.



Just checking. @dan


(Gail Berreitter) #75

It ticks me off that I bought RW6 in the beginning of April of this year. I wasted my money. Love the program but don’t think it’s fair that you don’t give longer than just about a month to upgrade without payment. I’ve done this with other software programs and they had a few months leeway to get the new program if you purchased within that time. I’m a bit peeved to say the least.


I haven’t posted on here, as I have been busy using RW7. Got to say this release is really, really good. Not flawless, but then no software ever is, but pretty damn close. Like the next person, I love a good moan and I have been reduced to going on about the white text on a black background in the sidebar. . . . . .

Good job guys!

(kevin olive) #77

I agree that from April to the release date (<60 days) seems a bit short. However, regardless of how long the grace period is for free updates, there’s always going to be someone near the cut off that is peeved. I recall buying the first iPhone (sans subsidy) and then apple cut the price by $200. Oh, I was peeved! The $100 apple gift card helped ease the pain, but only by half. :wink:

(kevin olive) #78

I’m thrilled with RW7. I also participated in the beta testing and have to say that unlike some beta testing I’ve participated in, the support was great. Every issue I reported got a genuinely thoughtful and helpful response. Other testing programs I’ve been in, when a response was provided, it seemed canned and/or only partially applicable to the error reported. Not with Realmac. This level of professionalism is reflected in the quality of the product. Excellent job!
(This is not to say that RW7 is bug free but a bug free program is a rarityβ€”rarer in the opposite sense than those items in Destiny that are labeled Rare but are found on a regular basis on a dead Dreg.)

(Dave) #79

Likewise. I received answers very quickly from Dan or Aaron- always thoughtful and helpful. If they didn’t quite understand the issue at hand, they asked for more details until they did. The care and dedication that went into this upgrade was very obvious. Thanks guys!

(Dan) #80

Drop us an email and we’ll fix you up - support@realmacsoftware.com :slight_smile:

(Rocio Evenett) #81

I’ve been a Rapid Weaver user since V1 and this is the BEST VERSION EVER!
Congratulations Dan and the rest of the team for delivering such great product :clap:

(Henk de Sain) #82

Why is an upgrade from 3 to 7 for the same price as from 6 to 7.
We the version 6 users paid all previous updates. And what happens later?

All addons and plugins buy back then Rapid weaver and very costly and it is not fun anymore.

Henk de Sain

(kim) #83

I am so sad that I can’t use it. :frowning: I’m not updating to El Captain. I run a business and still have not moved past 10.9.5
I’m soooo sad!

(Glen Ivey) #84

Would love to know how fast, good, etc. RW7 is but with my copy just bought today my project file has blank screen on preview mode. Anyone else experiencing? Very troubling!

(David Kohn) #85

Available, but apparently not for me! I downloaded the demo version yesterday about this time, clicked the β€œbuy” button and was sent to PayPal, where an outfit called β€œPaddle.com” took my money. Then, only a PayPal receipt. No download link, no activation code, no nothing – either from Paddle.com or from Realmac.

I sent messages to both Paddle and Realmac, but received no reply.

What is the deal with this people? I bought this to get started on a project, not to wait for some indefinite period to get a response. Other software I’ve bought with download delivery via PayPal has always sent me download links and activation codes immediately.