RapidWeaver 8.7 crashes after publishing

I was happy that the problem with a slow connection discussed here

seemed to have disappeared with RW 8.7.
But now RW crashes regularly after publishing.

Mac 0S 10.13.6
RW 8.7 (20860)

Would you mind posting a crash report?

  1. Click the Report button on the little popup window that displays after the next crash.
  2. Copy all the technical text in the section at the bottom.
  3. Save that text to a text file.
  4. Post that text file – or share it via Dropbox or similar.

This may help identify if the problem is related to one of your installed addons.


Hi Isaiah,
Thank you for your fast response.
Please see the crash report here on our site.


I just upgraded to 8.7 and my projects are always crashing when I publish.

I opened a project tonight to make a minor update and it kept crashing (always at the same point of the export).

Also, it crashed when I just exported the site to my desktop, so I’m thinking it must be related to the export process (rather than the upload process).

Here’s the crash log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7v9pi7eywk77ox/crash.txt?dl=0

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? My client needs something updated ASAP…

Ok, I saw another thread that talked about crashing when publishing, so I downgraded to Stacks 4.0.4 and everything published fine!

@isaiah Any idea why 4.0.4 works fine or me but 4.1 crashes?

Hi Lutz,
working here with MBPro 15" 2016, same constellation as you - works fine for me. RW publishing or export…
Once I became attentive to earlier Versions of stacks in my library - after sorting/deleting the oldest (before 2014) I’d never had a crash…
And once I got a hint from @tav to check my library, if there are some duplicate BWD Stacks left - only with a 2 at the end… Helps also!

Tried to remove some older Stacks I will never use any more.
Now RW 8.7 crashes immediately when I try to open the program.
Will try to recover everything from my Time Machine Backup.

Hi Lutz,
take also a look at your cache folder…
But don’t delete anything if RW is running!
Once, in 2016 @dan wrote, as of the version 7.1 the cache will automatically cleared, but with me I have 500 MB… from time to time I cleared them too…

Sorry, this didn’t help. Even a complete reinstall of RW didn’t work.
@isaiah The crash report can be found here:

After having manually removed and re-installed all Add-ons RW is up and running again.
But still it crashes after uploading. Export and transfer runs smoothly.

the goal isn’t to reinstall them, but to remove those plugins you’re not using. not stacks, plugins.

if you have SiteMap or PlusKit or FormSnap or those sorts of things, please try removing those.

  • open RW preferences
  • choose Addons tab
  • uncheck all the PLUGINS you’re not using
  • leave Themes and Stacks alone

2020-11-18 09.09.09

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that I re-installed only Add-ons, Themes and Stacks I am using regularly.


@isaiah The latest version of Stacks is causing the problem. Thanks to TimeMachine I could revert to 4.04 and everything is running smoothly again.

Stacks 4.1.2 is available and has resolved the issue for me


Thank you. It works.

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