Cartloom 4 - E Commerce for RapidWeaver


(Nick Cates) #61

Cartloom supports manual payment options, so you could have an checkout payment called, “Pay me later, like in the old days”, and when they click that - it’ll complete the purchase.

Right now stores do have search but not sort ability. We have on the list to add sorting for thumbnail view, and relevant products when viewing individual products. So it’s not currently an option, but it’s on our list for sure.

(Brad Miller) #62

It seems there is a lot of confusion on the pricing. So here is another question.
I want to set up a new store in the next few weeks.
Do I start with Cartloom 3 or go right to the Cartloom 4 beta?
Also, I’m assuming that digital downloads can be handled within Cartloom, right?

Thanks a million.

P.S. It might be great to see a feature comparison with RapidCart.

(Billy Miller) #63

Where do we send feedback for the beta?

(Nick Cates) #64

We love feedback! - or -

(Nick Cates) #65

Go straight for Cartloom 4, while it says beta, it pretty darn solid, me and Mike have been selling our digital products with it for 6 months or so. Cartloom handles digital products VERY well, good enought for all the major RapidWeaver developers!

RC feature comparison? I think they’re good guys, but thats like comparing apples and oranges, not exactly a fair comparision.

(Lucas Tsolakian) #66

I’m back to Cartloom after trying other services. One of the features I appreciate the most and not even included in the list is the integration with Zendesk via a dedicated app.

Also not in the list is Cartloom easy integration with Sendy, Mailchimp and Madmimi.

I hope all this will still be there in version 4 :grin:

(Yabdab) #67


Those have been supported for a long time now. So not really a CL4 feature, but still there :wink:

(Yabdab) #68

BIG NEWS folks, check this out…

(Brad Miller) #69

HOLY SMOKES! :blush:

(Joe Workman) #70

I started developing stacks back in 2009. I was just giving them away for free on my website. One day, @isaiah recommended that I try to sell my stacks since they were starting to become more elaborate and nice. I had absolutely zero clue on how to setup an online store.

Luckily at the same time, @yabdab started asking for beta testers to this new service he was developing called Cartloom. If it was not for how easy Cartloom made everything, I would not be where I am today. (Sad to even think about what things would be like.) Cartloom has seriously powered every transaction that has ever flown through my website. Its an amazing service! I cannot recommend it enough. It makes building an eCommerce store such a breeze.

@nickcates is going to be giving an overview on how to build an eCommerce website with RapidWeaver and Cartloom at the upcoming Weaver’s Space Conference in November. For more info head over to

(Jason Bostick) #71

I shared this privately with nick but, I’ve just started my first forray into Cartloom and, I have to say, I was about 3 minutes in and it is fantastically easy to use! It is so user friendly, pleasantly designed. I’m really looking forward to exploring it some more once I get back to my Rapidweaver computer and seeing how it integrates.

The ability to have a client edit something on their own, outside of Rapidweaver is a huge selling point. And a simple user interface for the client is a very close second.

5 stars so far from me.

(Matthias Ficht) #72

Can the web-interface for the admin be localized in another language than english?

(Nick Cates) #73

Currently the admin itself is only available in english.

(Matthias Ficht) #74

Thanks Nick. Any plans to make localization possible in the not-so-far future?

(Lab Coat) #75

I’m very confused by the pricing as well.

  1. What do you get exactly for the “Pro Features Forever.” Please provide details.

  2. How do you buy the “Pro Features Forever?” What if you don’t have a store now but plan to have one set up by January, 2017?

I don’t see a Buy Now button (for “Pro Features Forever”) on

  1. Does this mean you don’t have to pay any monthly fees for the Plus plan?

  2. Does this mean that you don’t have to pay the $29/monnth fee for the Pro plan?

  3. If you still have to pay the 2% fee with the Free plan, what’s the advantage of the “Pro Features Forever” if your just going to use the Free plan?

  4. If I buy the “Pro Features Forever” and I have 3 clients, ClientA, ClientB, and ClientC, do I/they still have to pay monthly fees for the Plus and/or Pro plan?

  5. I tried to use Cartloom once before for a client who wound up firing me because I’d promised her that I could set up a store for her to sell physical products ( that could be sold through her website, and all fees and shipping charges would be kept to a minimum if she used the United States Postal Service (USPS), and I promised her this was very doable based on what yabdab stated on, but it was impossible despite 11 or 12 phone calls to the USPS to set up the API. Each call took 2 to 3 hours since the hold time was around 90 minutes.

As best I could understand the USPS API, they set up a “key” based on an email address and the URL for, but Cartloom’s required set up is for–so the USPS API key could never work because it was reading as only

After she fired me she later hired an attorney, and I had to pay back all my compensation for building–plus damages–which included an estimated loss of income based upon the revenue she earned from once it was up and running for 6 months after being built by another developer.

I in turn asked the same attorney if he’d sue YabDab.

I see now that Cartloom 4 is also again promising calculation of shipments for physical products via USPS. What assurance/guarantee that such calculation is actually possible?

I look forward to your answers.

(Nick Cates) #76

For the admin… I don’t think would happen. It’s possible, but would be a massive undertaking. Not on the roadmap, not any time soon

(Nick Cates) #77

I’ll answer the first half of your comments, and leave the rest for @yabdab.

In short, we’ve removed all Promo pricing (Pro Feature Forever incluced) because it was causing confusion. Moving forward, we are not offering this deal, and would FAR rather see users freely signup and enjoy the new v4 experience.

(Yabdab) #78

Setting up dynamic shipping rates with Cartloom and USPS is quite easy.

  1. Go to this URL and register.

  2. USPS will email you a Username and Password to use with Cartloom.

  3. Enter Username and Password into Cartloom admin ( under Shipping->USPS* ) , then choose which service you would like to offer your buyers. Click Save button.

That’s it! :slight_smile:

By default they authorize you to using their API for pricing and tracking. No need to call anyone at USPS.

We have many users currently using USPS for rates over the past couple years.

// image of setup screen in CL3 ( CL4 is very similar )

* CL4 settings are found in Setup -> Add-ons -> USPS

(Nick Cates) #79

If you’re digging the new Cartloom 4, gives us a like! Loving it, we’d love a review:

(Craig) #80

Been reading all these posts as well as checking the feature page out. I just signed up for beta for one company. Plan to do more.

  1. Will you consider offering 501©(3) registered nonprofits a discounted plan, or discounted transaction fees as an alternative? A nonprofit I work with survives on cash donations as well as the sales of goods as gifts for donation amounts. Reduced transaction and/or monthly fees on the Free, Plus and Pro plans would be useful to nonprofits and make Cartloom 4 a more attractive solution.

  2. I have a publishing company that uses Cartloom 3. When registering for beta 4 for this company, it says the name is already taken. Well, of course it is. I can register for beta with an alteration of our name, but might want the name updated later to the Cartloom 3 name. What’s the best way to handle this?

  3. I am not seeing exactly where we can sign up for the $59 early bird special. I would like register some new accounts for this special introductory offer. How do I find that offer and pay for it?